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The iOS 8 promises to finally give Apple’s users the ability to create a long awaited and desperately needed user-friendly connection between iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Just make sure all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac) are connected to the iCloud in order to make the new features work – which in turn means that the need to stay connected to the internet has gone up by a hundred!

Here are 5 reasons why everybody using an iPhone 6 or an iOS 8 should use online protection. Even you can protect your devices and stream worldwide by using the best iPhone VPN.

Reason 1: Too much ‘Health’, Hardly any Security

The bad news is that it took Apple 6 Beta releases to fix the iOS 8. The iOS 8 was first revealed on June 2 at the 2014 Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference .

The worse news is that Apple seems to have given a lot of time and attention to the development of the ‘Health’ feature while very little attention seems to have been given to the security related features. Instead, Apple is expecting iPhone 6 users to rely entirely on the iCloud.

Apple seems to be in denial over the recent celebrity leak incident in which cracks in the cloud allowed hackers to make off with hundreds of photos.


Reason 2: The iPhone 6 is Apple’s Cover up after the iCloud Leak

Apple was bogged down with allegations about apparent security weaknesses in the iCloud that led to the August 2014 Celebrity Photo leak bomb.

Judging by the tight spot that Tim Cook was in, I’m guessing must have tried to fast-track the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 launch in order to stifle updates about how the leak was damaging the lives of the affected celebrities.

There is a good chance that the next few weeks will reveal the weaknesses in the iOS 8 software and the iPhone 6 infrastructure. The best thing you can do is to buy the iPhone 6 and only connect to the seemingly smart functions once you have activated a VPN on your iPhone.


Reason 3: iPhone 6 is Apple’s Excuse for an Android

The new iPhone 6 is loaded with improvements, functions and new features. AirDrop promises to help Mac uses sync with their iPhones and iPads. The Handoff feature promises to help task transference between Apple devices.

iphone 6 1

Also, the Mac and iPad is now as good as an iPhone when it comes to sending and receiving SMS messages thanks to an improvement in the connectivity and compatibility of the Messages app.

All of these features and more were already available to Android users through sophisticated apps.


Reason 4: Early Apple Release Marks Early Christmas for Hackers

Apple has released ‘Swift’, a new programming language designed to help Apple developers design better apps and software for iOS. But the cherry on top is the set of 4000 new Application programming interfaces that Apple has launched for the developer community.

This means that Christmas is here early for hackers, crackers, malware designers and cybercriminals around the world!


Reason 5: Apple’s Terrible Track Record

Every single iOS release has been loaded with bugs, security shortfalls and failing fail safes. The last version of the iOS software (iOS 7) was followed up with five releases before Apple finally managed to iron out all the errors.


Author’s Recommendations

Apple has tried to replicate and squeeze the features of multiple Android apps as well as the most frequently used socialization apps (such as Whatsapp, Viber, etc.) into its latest release. And all of this is going to go through Apple’s unreliable software architecture.

If you are willing to trust Apple’s security after the recent iCloud incident, then make sure you get a good lawyer to defend you when your personal photos leak online. Otherwise, make the sensible choice and use a VPN to protect yourself when you go online.

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