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Orkut founder and ex-Google engineer, Orkut Büyükkökten has launched another social media networking website called ‘Hello’ to connect people around the world.

Hello Network a new app

With Facebook fans being furious after Cambridge Analytica incident that revealed the data collection of 85 million Facebook Profiles without their consent, users have started #DeleteFacebook campaign to show their frustration.

This in fact paved way for the introduction of a new social networking website Hello to connect with people across the world. Before the existence of Facebook, there was an extraordinary online social networking platform ‘Orkut’ having a community of over 300 million people.

Orkut Interface

Even though Orkut did well to survive while competing against Facebook, it was discontinued later by Google and so the website saw its end on September 30, 2014. Until today, it has revived once again by its founder aiming to give Facebook a tough time.

What’s Hello About?

Hello is a social media platform that helps you connect people around their passion and interest. This is something unique as it allows you to make friends from around the world having similar interest, expression for love, and meaning in their life.

Hello App design

Currently, it employs a team of 20 people who are continuously changing the idea of how the world does social. The ‘Like’ button is replaced by ‘Love’ icon, and users can select their interest from tons of options laid on their profile. You get feeds from people around the world that matches your persona. Hello is available for Android and iOS.

Availability in Countries

Unfortunately, Hello is available in only 14 countries. We list down the countries where Hello is available:

S. NoCountry
7Isle of Man
10New Zealand
11Puerto Rico
13United Kingdom
14United States


If your country isn’t available on the list above, then its probably the app isn’t available in your country. How unfortunate would it be to miss all the fun, and most importantly miss the chance to connect with people around the world?

Don’t let that happen! Use the Hello app from any country you belong, with the help of a VPN. Hello has geographical restrictions on its app. Meaning, you cannot install the app from Play Store or Apple Store if you’re not in the list of countries it targets. You will receive an error saying ‘This app isn’t available in your country’.

Use Hello app from Anywhere 2

With a VPN, you could change your geographical location which would allow you to install the Hello app from your original location.

5 VPN that Unblocks Hello App from Anywhere

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$3.49 Per Month
70% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
3 Years Deal

How to Install and Use Hello App from Anywhere with a VPN (Google Play Store)

Step 1: Subscribe to any of the VPN provider listed in the table above

Step 2: Download the VPN app from its website

Step 3: Now Connect to an Indian or US server

Step 4: Once connected to a VPN, tap on Hello App > Hit Install

Step 5: Once downloaded, make new friends across the globe!

How to Install and Use Hello App from Anywhere with a VPN (Apple Store)

Step 1: Get any VPN from the table listed above

Step 2: Select Indian or a US server > Hit Connect

Step 3: Select Hello App from iTunes Store

Step 4: Install the app

Step 5: Start connecting with friends around the world.


Hello App is Now Available in India

Use Hello app from Anywhere

It seems fit to bring back the app in India when it was common knowledge how Indians were flourishing in the Orkut community. Now that the Hello app is available in India, we’ll see the Hello community would gain strength in user density and popularity in Asia.

Sign Up for an Invite

In the above-mentioned steps, we laid down the steps on how to get Hello app if it isn’t available in your country. However, there is still an option ‘Sign Up for an Invite’ where you can send an invitation to Hello developers to make this app available in your country.

Hello App Not Available

You fill out all the necessary information and send them an invite. Hello Team will email you when the app is launched in your country. If you can wait for that long, then there’s no need of getting a VPN. Unless, you feel agitated with Facebook selling your data and wants to explore more about this new Hello app, then get a VPN.

The Wrap Up

Hello is the new introduction to the social networking platform that has been designed to connect with people having a similar interest or passion. However, its presence is limited to only 14 countries. This guide explains how to install Hello app from anywhere with the help of a VPN. Stop what you’re doing and install this app to share your experience with the world.