Inexpensive iPhone Unlock Shocks Everyone Including FBI

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Sep-20-2016

The United Kingdom: Recent research has proven that multi-digit passcode security in an iPhone 5C can be bypassed by Nand Mirroring technique, requiring only £75 or $100.

A computer scientist, Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov from the University of Cambridge, conducted an experiment where he was able to unlock an iPhone 5C through cloning device’s memory. That said, Skorobogatov investigated how Nand Chip (primary memory storage) in iPhone 5C communicates with other parts of the phone.

In an experiment, Dr. Skorobogatov removed the Nand chip from iPhone 5C, cloned it and tested it on an external chipboard. He was able to reset pin access attempts through creating more cloned Nand chips until he was able to figure out the correct security code.


“Because I can create as many clones as I want, I can repeat the process many many times until the passcode is found.”

Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov, Computer Scientist at University of Cambridge

Dr. Skorobogatov stated that finding four digit passcode takes about 40 hours, while a 60 digit passcode will take about 100 hours of work. Moreover, the computer scientist mentioned that a more sophisticated mechanism might aid to unlock newer models of iPhone as well.


Is Apple Still The Most Secure Smartphone?

iPhone 5C has been hacked; passcodes have been compromised, and fans have started to question that Does Apple remains to be the most secure smartphone now? In past, we have seen FBI paying $1 million to white hat hackers for breaking into San Bernardino suspect’s iPhone 5C. The hack had surprised billions of iPhone users and Apple itself. However, not everyone can afford to pay millions of dollars for unlocking an iPhone.

But, the recent research by Dr. Skorobogatov’s has shown that one can successfully bypass the robust security mechanism of Apple’s iPhone by just spending $100. Shockingly, the experiment has ignited a debate among security researchers and tech geeks that which’s the best smartphone that protects users’ data privacy after Apple’s iPhone?

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