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Whether or not you use a VPN, you have probably heard about it. VPNs are short form of Virtual Private Network you can opt for various reasons. They are cost-effective, user-friendly and vital component for your PCs or smartphones. When you install an antivirus, firewall, or any anti-malware software on your device, you must setup a VPN to keep your every online moment completely secure.

Let us dig in why I started using a VPN service and why you should use a VPN as well.

What is a VPN and What Does it Do?

A VPN is an amazing online privacy tool that hides your online activities. As a result, what you do over the internet becomes untraceable. Furthermore, it masks your actual IP address with a virtual IP address of your selected VPN service.


Consequently, you can spoof your online locations from anywhere. This way, ISPs and online hackers cannot keep an eye on your online tasks. It encrypts all your internet traffic that is passed between your computer and VPN server.

This kind of encryption safeguards your activities from commercial surveillance too. When you use a VPN over public wireless network, it secures your data from cyber goons to certain degree. Moreover, your visited websites are unable to record your visits because you surf the web anonymously.

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Why I had to use a VPN?

Firstly, I understand the risk of using internet without taking safety precautions. Therefore, I had to secure my privacy at any cost since I am a digital nomad by profession. As I work remotely most of the time, I have to use different public wireless networks.

As you already know these networks are honeypots when it comes to retrieving personal information of users. This is because hackers or online intruders prefer to access Wi-Fi networks as they can get users’ information in no time.

If I had not used a VPN, I would have lost my privacy surely. This is the reason I was motivated to explore the terminology VPN in detail initially. Once I was able to explore the true importance of VPNs, I subscribed to a VPN provider of my choice straightaway.

The task of using a VPN was simple and did not need any rocket science. I visited the official site of the VPN service then I completed all the subscription formalities accordingly. After completing the subscription requirements, I downloaded and installed the app on my device.

Once I was done with the installation part, I used my login credentials that were provided my VPN service. When I opened my VPN app, I had to connect to the nearest server location. Thus, I selected my nearest server location to cover my original IP address.

After connecting to the server, I changed my actual online location hassle-free. By doing so, I started performing my online tasks with complete peace of mind and online freedom. This is how I embraced the term VPN in true letter and spirit.

11 Reasons that entice you to Use a VPN

Here is the list of reasons I would mention and these are:

  • Surf the web with public Wi-Fi securely
  • Beat location based restrictions
  • Bypass government censorship
  • Save money on online shopping
  • Save money on flights
  • Encrypt anything automatically
  • Improve speeds for online gaming
  • Secure your voice chats
  • Complete sensitive researches
  • Perform anonymous torrenting
  • Enjoy private collaboration

Surf the web with public Wi-Fi securely

When you are on the go for any reason like shopping, you tend to stop for coffee somewhere. In this situation, you look for a complementary Wi-Fi connection. There is nothing wrong in using the connection as long as you have connected to a VPN service before availing Wi-Fi.

If you do not use a VPN on public networks, chances are that you may compromise on your privacy. It means you are unable to encrypt your browsing. Likewise, a malware could enter into your device through router. Therefore, you must use a VPN before accessing public Wi-Fi.


Beat location based restrictions

Undoubtedly, VPNs allow you to circumvent geo-limitation hassles a great deal. When you use a VPN, you can get an IP address of your desired country. Hence, you can unblock and watch content of that particular country in no time.

Furthermore, you can access to media content of famous services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others anonymously.


Bypass government censorship

Governments have unlimited power when it comes to preventing users from visiting their preferred websites. They can make different sites and services inaccessible for you. Hence, you will have to rely on VPNs to unblock your desired sites as per your needs.

Save money on online shopping

Interestingly, online stores offer different pricing for the same stuff for buyers those who belong to numerous countries. Through a VPN, you can select the location of your choice. As a result, you can find the lowest price of your favorite product online.


Save money on flights

The advantages of using VPNs are countless. Yes, you have read it correctly. You can save handsome amount of money by getting huge discounts on your airfares. All you have to do is to connect to a VPN and change your location online.

For instance, you may get an economical plane ticket while using Malaysian IP address. On the other hand, you will have to bear some extra cost if you book your flight through Norwegian IP address. Once you have changed your location to low cost country, you can save money on your traveling expenses.


Encrypt anything automatically

When you perform any online activity through a VPN app, you have encrypted your online task. It means your VPN provider has developed a private tunnel for your convenience. This is how you can save all your activities from the notorious eyes of online snoopers.

Improve speeds for online gaming

Luckily, you can use a VPN that allows you to overcome ISP throttling issues. By doing so, you can spoof your actual locations. This way, your ISP is unable to track your online gaming activities. Moreover, they cannot control your bandwidth usage. Thus, you can enjoy playing online games at appreciable speeds.

Secure your voice chats

You can protect your online conversations being spied from surveillance agencies with a VPN. In addition, you can protect your digital whereabouts while using any VoIP service from anywhere. In case you reside in an oppressive state, using a VPN is must.


Complete sensitive researches

You can finish your sensitive research appropriately with the help of a VPN. You can surf the web anonymously and visit any site of your choice hassle-free. If you are willing to conduct research on social or political issues, you have to cover your IP address through a VPN.


Perform anonymous torrenting

In different countries, you are not allowed to perform torrent tasks. This is where the role of VPNs comes in handy. It means you can safely download your favorite torrents and bypass copyright trolls and DMCA issues straightaway.


Enjoy private collaboration

You can perform your business tasks without any fuss if you use a VPN. Hence, you can secure your cloud drives and group chats from online hackers as they try their level best to retrieve your crucial business data. However, you should make sure that other members of your team must also use VPNs.



Do you need a VPN or not? Yes!

Still if you do not want a VPN to safeguard your digital existence, you live in fool’s paradise. It goes beyond securing your privacy online because you can stream unlimited video content and play multiple games too.

Thanks to VPNs, everything you do over the internet becomes private and untraceable.

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