Half of the Top-Selling Smartphone Apps Are Unsafe

  • Danish Pervez
  • Mar-25-2016

As a digital-privacy protection research of 2016, we have found that more than 40% of the Smartphone apps today are prone to vulnerable cyber attacks. This puts iOS and Android phones into major threat. Only 70% of top 1055 freemium and paid apps have a reliable data privacy policy in place. The rest are deeply hindering into user’s data privacy.

Half of the Top-Selling Smartphone Apps Are Unsafe

Learning from the current situation, we conducted a survey and found that privacy is a severe concern today for majority of Americans. Even more, 25% of Smartphone users download third party ad-blocking application. This was the smart decision taken by users, as 3rd party ads are more harmful than a silent stalker.

Shockingly most of the users today aren’t even aware about 3rd party ads. Ever noticed that you searched about a particular gadget, and began to see its advertisements on different pages? This is the 3rd party ad tracker. It is triggered when you visit certain sites, and then series of silent activities are started that lead disasters in your life.

These ad-trackers collect information from your user ids, passwords, adult-sites visited, credit card numbers, personal chat conversations, confidential emails and almost anything that may end  up in you to get blackmailed. Users need to know about these malicious 3rd party ads. Upon survey, we found only 21% of the users were aware about 3rd party ads. While others become victim of heavy ransom.

Danish Pervez


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