Government’s Surveillance Banned Free Basic Service in Egypt

  • VPNRanks
  • Apr-02-2016

Recently, Free Basic internet service has been banned in Egypt by the Government. The ban is said to be the result of unsuccessful deal between Government and Facebook. The social media giant was demanded to provide access to its mainframe security server. However, Facebook denied government’s illegitimate request to spy on its users. This leaded to a ban on Free Facebook in Egypt.

The Free Basics Internet was launched last year.  It provided users with access to Facebook on smart phones and computers completely free of cost. However, this isn’t the first time we have seen a ban on basic services.  Last year India shutdown the Free Basics, leaving Egypt to follow in its footsteps.. The ban has left millions of fans in frustration as users have aggressively rejected government’s self-centered decision. The Free Basics was initially targeted to low and lower middle income group, who can’t manage to pay for internet. Yet, large numerous users have adapted Smart phones and Computers, a free internet access had provided even more to them. However, user’s privacy and confidential information can’t be put on stake. This was the sole reason for the denial of Government’s proposal “Free basic services in trade of personal information”.

Free Facebook Egypt Banned

According to Reuters, Facebook didn’t agree upon the deal as it would compromise the company’s reputation. Majority of users choose facebook to share their personal information and carry private conversations. One more reason to consider is that, many established telecom companies are suffering due to government’s free basic service offer.

Government's Surveillance Banned Free Basic Service in Egypt

Mohammad Hanafi, Spokesperson for Ministry of Communication refused to provide opinion on the case. But, he claimed that the services are brought down entirely for other reasons. He added that Free Basic services are harmful for both telecommunication regulators and service providers.

However, Facebook stands as the leading social media platform to provide free internet access to millions of users. The no advertising policy on free Facebook makes it even better. Company sustained its reputation and gained trust from millions of users worldwide by its decision. Facebook had reached 3 million free – Facebook users in Egypt before it was finally shutdown.



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