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Hacking Team – a private security firm, known for its extensive support to governmental spy agencies, was hacked by a team of hackers who have stolen 400GB of data and are now making it available online. According to a leaked portion of the documents, the data contains the details of the clients, the companies Hacking Team has worked with and all the passwords and tools that have been and are being used for snooping on people.

The document reveals the shady business of Hacking Team, which has always denied for working Sudan as an ally in the past. But an invoice of 480K Euros suggests the lies have always been told to use as a cover. According to a report published by Gizmodo, a document crafted by the Ethiopian Prime Minister is also found, thanking Hacking Team for nabbing one of the high profile targets for his government.

Gizmodo also claims that FBI had been in touch with Hacking Team till 30th June, 2015 for maintenance program. The contract of DEA is being renewed while no other US agency is found involved doing business with Hacking Team. While the hackers remain at large, they have posted a torrent online containing all the information and details they have got hold of.

What’s more worrisome is the fact that Hacking Team claims to work to maintain online security and yet it had loopholes that were exploited by the attackers in their hack attack. The critics are asking for answers from the Hacking Team as to why did it not address such threats before. In defense of Hacking Team, we would say, they could not get enough time because they were busy keeping an eye on our activities.