Government To Reveal Secret Surveillance Orders – Yahoo

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Oct-21-2016

The United States: It has been unveiled that tech giant Yahoo Inc. together with American Civil Liberties Union has demanded the Director of the US National Intelligence disclose the secret surveillance orders that had been in effect since last year.

Interestingly, the monitoring program was initiated during last year spring. When Yahoo was asked by the US National Intelligence to create an automated tool that tracks specified keywords and phrases in the emails of subscribers. Either NSA or FBI had described the keywords and phrases. Surprisingly, Yahoo had been running the software secretly until the engineers and security team had identified tracking software as a spying tool.

After the news of Reuter spread, various data privacy experts and security researchers have started to criticize Yahoo for exploiting millions of subscribers. Considering the situation, Yahoo’s General Counsel “Ron Bell” has written a letter to the Director of US National Intelligence James R. Clapper, stating that:


“At Yahoo, we are deeply committed to transparency and to protecting the rights of our users. Yahoo was mentioned specifically in these reports and we find ourselves unable to respond in detail & make a sufficiently detailed public and contextual comment to clarify the alleged facts and circumstances.”

Official Statement by General Counsel Yahoo “Ron Bell”


The surveillance order had been passed, and personal emails of millions of users had been compromised. Having that said, subscribers are eagerly questioning on internet that is their Yahoo account safe? How many emails have been compromised? Will Yahoo unveil the users who have been affected by the secret surveillance program?

In our opinion, users are safe now, and Yahoo knows how to protect the data privacy of subscribers. Also, no personal information leaks have been reported so far. Moreover, we suggest users always use reliable cyber protection tool like VPN while accessing their email accounts; it will ensure maximum safety and security against identity thieves and hackers at all times.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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