Google’s Allo Isn’t Safe – How to Use Allo Safely

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Sep-22-2016

The United States: Former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) employee and whistleblower Edward Joseph Snowden has claimed Google Allo to be unsafe after the company changes Allo’s privacy policy.

Earlier this year Google announced its instant messaging application Allo and stated that the app would store users messages temporarily on its servers. However, recently Google has released Allo with a different message retention policy, according to which subscribers’ messages will remain stored on Google’s servers until the user deletes them. Considering the change in Allo’s privacy policy, Edward Snowden has declared Allo as Google’s surveillance application.



The tech giant “Google” has already stated that changes in Allo’s privacy policy are made for “Smart Replies” feature of Allo. “Smart Replies” works by storing users’ messages on Google’s servers for artificial intelligence purposes. The messages are then used to suggests responses to a user in the midst of a conversation. However, Google’s move towards Allo’s messages retention policy is being challenged widely by privacy activists.

How to Use Allo Safely?

Google has taken a stance, and Allo will keep users conversations on Google’s servers. Now if you’re curious to know how to use Allo safely? Then we have figured out the best ways to use Allo safely without compromising your data privacy. Moreover, following tips and tricks will add a level of security and protection to Allo, while ensuring adequate privacy to your messages.

Here’s how to use Allo safely:

  • From your device, go to Google’s Play store
  • Search for Google’s Allo
  • Download the app on your device
  • Install Allo and access it
  • In the app, turn on the incognito mode

Once the incognito mode is turned on, your entire communication becomes encrypted, thus protected against the eyes of hackers and cyber goons. In addition to this, Google has claimed that users get an option to delete their entire chat history or individual messages from the Allo. We suggest users to use incognito mode and delete their conversations from Allo to stay safe at all times.

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