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Freshly, the tech giant Google has surprised users by silently altering its privacy policy. For years, the dominant mailing service kept its promise by not disclosing personal & confidential information of its users with any other Google services including “DoubleClick”.


However, the leading cyber giant has updated its privacy policy, and stated that “your activities on other sites may be associated with your personal information to improve Google’s services and the ads delivered by Google”. With that said, the company had clearly stated in the past that “We will not combine DoubleClick cookie information with personally identifiable information”. But, “DoubleClick” a subsidiary of Google, may now be able to collect and store users’ personal data for advertisement purposes.


Being confound at the moment, users’ are eagerly wondering about what exactly does DoubleClick do? To answer the emerging queries of users, DoubleClick is an online advertising company that was acquired by Google back in 2007. The company works through retaining users’ browsing activities and records to target them with advertisements. For instance, a person searching for specified keywords in Gmail account will be shown ads related to that keyword.

In our opinion, the latest alteration in Google’s privacy policy is surprising but not disturbing. As the advertisements will be linked to what we search. But, considering the rising cyber threats, the possibility of information leakage has been increased more than ever. At the moment, we can use Gmail or switch to alternatives such as Yahoo and Hotmail.