France & Germany to Eliminate Encryption? New Law in the Making

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Aug-25-2016


France, Paris: Encryption faces a massive challenge in Europe, as France and Germany have united for a law that would empower the courts to decrypt data for criminal investigations.
A new debate on crypto wars has been initiated after Germany’s interior minister “Thomas de Maizière” and France’s interior minister “Bernard Cazeneuve” proposed a law that would authorize the security agencies to demand internet companies to decrypt data for investigations. The proposals will be discussed at a meeting next month by the European Commission.


France & Germany to Eliminate Encryption

“If such legislation were passed, it would allow us, at European level, to impose obligations on operators that uncooperative disclose such to remove illegal content or decrypt messages, exclusively in the context of criminal investigations.”

Interior Minister of France “Bernard Cazeneuve”

The proposed law is said to be a result of on-going terrorist attacks in Paris which include November 2015 attack when 130 citizens were brutally killed. Another attack in July 2016 slew dozens of innocent lives when a truck driver struck into the crowds at Bastille Day celebration. In addition to this, a priest was stabbed in a church in Northern France.

Germany on another hand faced suicide bombings and terrorism incidents during the same time frame. Shockingly, all the events indicated the use of end-to-end encrypted communication between terrorists.

Considering the situation, Security chief of French homeland security, Patrick Calvar has confirmed that ISIS cell involved in Parris attack used WhatsApp and Telegram for end-to-end encryption of their communication.

The chief further explained that some internet service providers do co-operate with security agencies and give access to users’ data, but companies like Telegram have no contact with them, thus placing criminals on a safe side. The jihadist groups have begun using modern encryption applications for communicating. Thus decryption techniques must be brought in practice.


Saad Qureshi

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