Upcoming Firefox 65 promises to restore faith in online privacy

  • Abdul Rehman
  • Sep-04-2018

It is no surprise what you do online is being tracked; no matter where you go you are leaving a paper trail of sensitive information for giant corporations.

This holy grail of information is like a God send for these corporations as they use cunning algorithms and tracking tools to decipher your browsing habits. It might sound absurd however, it is no laughing matter.

Ever wondered where all those random ads on your browser came from, you know the ones that eerily relate to your last Google search.

Coincidence I think not.

Tech giants like Facebook and Google are infamous for using smart algorithms to cater individual consumers, although it sounds harmless and rather convenient it is definitely far from private.

Popular mainstream browsers use tracking cookies, which we all are guilty of subconsciously accepting. These cookies are used to create a virtual persona of you. Think of it as a stranger keeping track of all your preferences including your likes and dislikes.

Sounds creepy well it is.

Same goes for torrenting as well, however I think it is safe to say that faith in online world can be restored with a Torrent VPN.

In the light of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, one might wonder how secure their data really is. No matter the severity, spying on someone without their consent is definitely a clear violation of one’s personal privacy.

The silver lining to this is that ever since EU released its GDPR report, companies including tech giants have been forced to update their privacy policies which puts a lot more restriction on companies aching to get their hands on your data.

Mozilla Firefox is one browser that is definitely raising eyebrows. This renowned browser is tacking strict privacy measures to eradicate third party trackers, which should cut down page load times by more than 50%. Furthermore, Firefox also plans to block cookies and third party storage requests for added privacy.

These privacy measures are to take place in the Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox 65 release.

However, the most awaited feature has to do with crypto currency as the company has decided to block crypto mining on their browser. However, the release date for the said feature has not been disclosed as of now.

The world of internet is full of privacy tools; the only thing is that people are too reluctant to use them. Instead of opting for privacy tools, most people tend to use the internet without them.

What is the point of complaining when we are the ones who take our privacy so lightly.

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