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Have you ever watched something so bad that it made you puke? We did. We watched the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead the other day and we have only been regretting our decision since then. Not only the acting was bad, the cast disappointed us and the story plot seemed all at sea.

Only a week ago we had discussed how it is going to be better than The Walking Dead, but having watched the painful episode that lasted over an hour, we can safely say that Rick Grimes and Co. are doing a better job than Travis and Co. at the moment.

This is what it felt like while watching Fear The Walking Dead.

And this goes to everyone who actually thinks that Fear The Walking Dead is cool.

… Or maybe it wasn’t that bad actually. It did turn us to religion. Know what I mean?

Anyway, we have decided that we are not going to waste our time on watching how someone who supposedly got the flu shots is safe and how it transformed the whole world. Instead, we will very much be interested in how the world gets back to its normal position (if it ever normalizes again).

Behold! We are not the only ones…

We have also taken out some tweets from the users who, much like us, were not impressed with the premier of Fear The Walking Dead.

(i) This dude right here has accurately summarized Fear The Walking Dead.

(ii) And the truth has been spoken!

(iii) Dude, you brought your A game just in time!

(iv) Technically we are. But we get your point. It isn’t worth watching.

(v) Thank you! Finally someone who shares the exact same sentiment about this series!

The show had so much to experiment with, it’s a shame they got their casting wrong and didn’t do justice to the original Walking Dead series. In words of Mr. Rick Grimes, “Yeah, I get it. Shit happens.”