FBI Pushing Against Jude’s Order To Reveal Tor Exploit

  • Danish Pervez
  • Mar-30-2016

Recently, Federal Bureau of Investigation has been ordered to disclose the code that was used to hack and capture the visitors of Dark Web Child Pornography Site. The Judge “Robert J. Bryan” stated that it was fair enough to disclose the technique used by FBI to capture the offender.

However, the federal law enforcement agency is pushing back Judge’s decision. Lawyers have filled a sealed proposal for Department of Justice, to reassess its decision. Even more, Public Declaration by an involved FBI agent was provided.

The FBI agent claims that, exposing the techniques that were used to crack the protections of Tor Browser, are not essential for defense. So far the defense in its previous fillings has inquired whether the law enforcement agency applied methods that were beyond the authorized practices mentioned in the warrant.

Declaration of FBI's special agent "Daniel Alfin”Declaration of FBI’s special agent “Daniel Alfin”

Attorneys from DoJ have demand law enforcement agency, to present evidence exclusively to Judge only. This means no individual will have access to the evidences except the judge himself. Even more, government has been demanded by Malware Expert “Vlad Tsyrklevich” from defense, to provide access to the ”exloit”. This will ensure that no additional practices outside those listed in NIT warrant, were used by the agency to exploit Tor protections.

This case involves Jay Michaud, a school administration worker from Washington, who was arrested by FBI, leading to seize of a Dark Web Child Pornographic Website. The FBI ran this site on their own server for thirteen days. During this time, actual IP addresses of visitors were retrieved and NIT was set on them. The NIT helped the agency to gain additional information. Information of more than 1500 visitors was retrieved.

Danish Pervez

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