Facebook's New Software Triggers Students' Privacy Concerns

Facebook’s New Software Triggers Students’ Privacy Concerns

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Oct-13-2016

Chicago, Illinois, The United States: The dominant charter educational network Summit Public Schools has collaborated with the leading social networking platform “Facebook” for a project “Personalized learning”. The collaboration has ignited a wave of concerns among parents, students and privacy activists.

It’s  not long when millions of offenders criticized Facebook for its data sharing policy and target advertisement. Recently, the social network has collaborated with dozens of schools including Summit educational system for a software “Summit Basecamp” that reshapes students’ learning mechanism. However, the software has received a massive disapproval from parents and privacy conscious folks, as it collects and retains students’ data.

Besides data retention, Summit Basecamp requires parents to sign a form that would strike students’ data privacy by disclosing their confidential information with partners and third party service providers (Google, Clever & Facebook). The collected data includes names, email ids, school activities, performance, grades and internet usage records. With that said, the retained information may be used for target advertisement purposes.

Have a look at the guidelines of Summit Basecamp’s parental notice and consent form:



The Personalized learning software has been launched and adopted in many schools nationwide. But billions of privacy conscious individuals and data privacy advocates are questioning if Basecamp safe? What are the potential threats associated with Summit Basecamp? Is Basecamp a revision of project “InBloom” that was shutdown in 2014 due to students’ privacy concern? Is Basecamp a tool against students’ data privacy?

In our opinion, the software poses fewer threats to students than 2014 version “InBloom”, as it doesn’t collects students’ sensitive information like disabilities, family relationships and socioeconomic statuses. That said, parents may adopt the new software but they should be alert about any future changes in Basecamp’s policy.

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