EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Agreement Gets Approved

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Jul-12-2016



Europe: The controversial EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Agreement for data transfer receives approval from the EU members states, replacing the prior Safe Harbour Agreement.

The revised data sharing agreement was signed off on Friday, July 8th, 2016. Out of 28 EU diplomats, four member diplomats abstained from the final voting. However, the EU Commission ruled for the data transferring agreement and asked diplomats to refrain from publically stating how they had voted.

According to a voter, the executive felt insecure that if the countries who abstained from voting get exposed, then the support for Privacy Shield would become destabilized. The Commission, however, assumes that the member states are now obliged to the decision, and they should be united despite how they had voted in the committee.

Privacy Shield Agreement approved

The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Agreement involve stricter controls over the transfer and utilization of exchanged data, thus ensuring a reliable protection to European citizens at all times.

The Commissioner Jourová has stated that it is the first time that the United States has assured EU in a black and white form that the access to data by public authorities for law enforcement purposes will conform to prescribed limitations, safeguards and failure mechanisms. In addition to this indiscriminate surveillance on European citizens’ data has been ruled out.

However, data privacy activists suggest that new agreement doesn’t offer a watertight solution to data sharing, and confidential information of EU citizens would be utilized for target advertisement purposes. For a top-notch online protection and premium anonymity, netizens should option for a reliable security tool such as VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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