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To empower the spy agencies which operate in Canada, the law enforcement agencies and the lawmakers have passed the unwanted and very controversial anti-terrorism bill ‘C-51’ that will jeopardize and take your privacy away from you. The bill was passed by the Canadian parliament in a one-sided polling result of 183-96 votes, despite the protests in Canada.

What does the bill ‘C-51’ state?

This is a bad news for anyone who is afraid of the idea being snooped by the governmental spy agencies. While the supporters of the bill have gone on to suggest that the government has taken such measures to protect its citizens, the protestors have suggested that the anti-terror bill is, itself, an act of terror.

Following are some of the main points of ‘C-51’:

  • The spy agencies will now be able to look at what you are doing on your phone, laptop, computer, iPads, tabs and any other device that is connected to the internet.
  • The government will not be held accountable for going through your passport applications and for placing you in the No-fly list.
  • The government holds the power to cancel any banking transactions you make, citing the terrorism threats.
  • You will not be able to go on your fun and business trips unless the government is fully satisfied with your actions.
  • The government will be able to detain the citizens without charging them to ensure that Canadian remains safe from the jihadi terrorists who attacked and killed two soldiers last year.

Is there any End to this Madness?

Unfortunately, no! The government seems hell-bent on making this law legal to know more and more about you by looking into your daily life. But, you can do your best bit to protect yourself by using a VPN for Canada to make sure your online traffic is safe and your banking transactions do not get cancelled.

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