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A (Distributed Denial of Service) DDoS attack is when a website’s servers are flooded and resources are swamped. That is what has happened to Feedly. According to the official Feedly blog, it is under a DDoS attack. In the brief blog-post, Feedly has promised users that their data is safe and that measures are being taken to mitigate the attack.


The popular news aggregator remains inaccessible as the DDoS attack rages on. Feedly came out in 2008 and quickly developed a reputation for its effective and efficient features. Virtual clones (botnets) are used to launch modern day DDoS attacks, and it is considered to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to knock a website off the web.

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Feedly allows users to monitor news feeds for chosen subjects or topics. Subjects and topics can be customized and news feed categories can be created to help compare news feeds and updates coming in from multiple sources.

The news resource managing service provided by Feedly is built to handle and manage data coming in from multiple sources, but seems to have been incapable of defending itself against the attack that uses traffic slamming to flood available resources.

The simple user-interface is easy to use and manage, with a very minimal no-nonsense design that gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common as Feedly is not the second internet service to have been targeted this week. Popular note taking app ‘Evernote’ went down for almost a day when it experienced a DDoS attack earlier this week. A major reason behind the increase in the frequency of DDoS attacks is that it is nearly impossible to detect the source behind the DDoS attack.

Here is a video detailing how DDoS attacks work and how it works:

Even the 2014 FIFA World Cup is expected to come under DDoS attacks this summer.  The hacktivist group called ‘Anonymous’ has promised to wage a cyberwar against the sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in order to log its displeasure with the mismanagement of public funds in the preparation for the international event.

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