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Europe: The EU Court is about to take a decision this week that will put a ban on all IPTV and Kodi devices that contain infringing links and addons for torrenting.

The Association for the Protection of the Rights of the Entertainment “BREIN” (Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland) has stated that the majority of Android devices with customized Kodi software are increasingly pirating media.  In addition to this, the anti-piracy firm has claimed that after the Court’s verdict, sellers will require verifying if the links contained in their devices pirate legalized media.

“Copyright protection organization BREIN holds suppliers of IPTV devices responsible for verifying whether their sources for internet TV channels are legal or not. In general, this is not the case. Suppliers advertise that when buying their service you do not have to pay separately for pay-channels for films, TV shows, and sports. Such a compilation costs a fraction of the total sum of subscriptions to the individual channels.”

Official Statement by BREIN

Kodi Legal issue in Europe

The case has come to light when torrent giants like Kickass, and TorrentHound are brought down. Moreover, the steps against Kodi, IPTV, and other on-demand media centers is said to be a result of an ongoing clash against piracy and torrenting in the world. While thousands of viewers choose torrent sites to watch movies, documentaries and hit videos, many users install Kodi torrent addons to stream media with just a single click. However, with the new ruling in place, subscribers will be fined and penalized for torrent streaming on Kodi.


The Best Bet to Unblock Torrents on Kodi

Now, the decision is about to be taken this week, and fans are already anxious about if they will be able to stream torrents on Kodi after the Court’s order? If not then what will be the preferred way to watch free media on Kodi?

To answer users’ query, we at this moment affirm that viewers will no longer be able to use torrent addons on Kodi in EU once the decision is taken.

However, according to unblocking gurus & tech geeks, fans can still tune to torrent streaming addons on Kodi by using censorship evasion tools like VPN and proxy services. But not to forget that proxy services offer no security and protection against ISP monitoring and copyright trolls when compared to a VPN. We suggest users equip themselves with a VPN and continue to stream torrents of popular movies, TV shows, sporting events, hit videos and more premium media in EU.