CSE Violated Privacy Laws on Multiple Occasions in 2015

  • Saad Qureshi
  • May-09-2016


Ottawa, Canada: In an investigative report Alex Boutilier of the Toronto Star unveiled that, the secretive Canadian Communications Security Establishment (CSE) violated Canadian privacy laws on multiple occasions. The surveillance agency admitted itself that 13 privacy and information breaches took place last year, impacting over 629 Canadian citizens.

However, this isn’t the actual number of violations as stated by the CSE who defended the breaches claiming that revealing the actual number of breaches and how they were conducted would aid enemies to discover their capacity to conduct operations.

Canadian Spy Agencies

Earlier this year Canadians witnessed a concerning incident where the Canadian Parliament reported that the secret spying agency  unintentionally shared “metadata” of Canadians with members of the Five Eyes (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Canada). The shared data included location data, duration of calls, emails and messages.

We summarized the event and uncovered that:

  • To respect public accountability, it’s mandatory for the CSE to reveal how often it exploits citizen’s data privacy.
  • Government officials kept the data leak hidden from the citizens for two years.
  • The Liberal government came to office with a promise to deliver fair accountability. But citizens are still unaware about the Canadian Government hiding data breaches.
  • None of the cases have been reported to Canada’s Privacy Commissioner with a proper statement on how the data breaches posed significant risk to citizens of Canada.


Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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