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The news has struck users all over Canada. Wireless Service Providers are anxiously waiting for final verdict on Investigatory Power Bill. The Draft focuses upon regulations to compromise civilians data privacy. Lets highlight upon some stories associated with the Privacy Ruling Draft.

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Wireless Carriers Await The Ruling

The Investigatory Powers Bill does not limit to Internet Service Providers only. Unfortunately a large number of cell phone users will have to compromise on Data Privacy Rights. Among biggest Mobile Service Carriers, Rogers and Telus are waiting for the Ontario court ruling on their Charter of Rights Challenge. The Charter Challenge opposes the “Tower Dump” orders, according to the orders both mobile carriers will have to surrender personal and confidential information of more than 40,000 customers.

How To Protect Yourself ?

The state sponsored agencies and hackers are after your confidential information. Your data serves as resource for advertisement. Under these situations VPN is the only solution for your online protection. VPN cloaks your IP address with a foreign server. As a result, you surf the internet anonymously.

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Pact Against Anti Privacy Laws

Last month has been surprisingly controversial for Google, when it was alleged by Electronic Frontier Foundation for snooping students information. The allegation composed of Students Data Mining and using it in advertising activities. The News turned into a Hot-Button due to the nature of allegation. As a result, more than 200 companies including Google stood under one platform to take pledge for “Safeguard of Student Privacy regarding the Collection, Maintenance and use of Student Personal Information”.

Users expressed their disappointment on social networks on the news:

Mass Criticism Against Draft Investigatory Powers Surveillance Bill

Apart from Canada many  nations have condemn the draft Investigatory Powers Bill. United Kingdom’s information Commissioner’s office  has aggressively opposed the bill. Stating that bill focuses upon weakening of encryption for Users Confidential Data. Even more One-Year Mandatory Data Retention in the bill is un justified. This will struck civilian data privacy rights. In reality it will be replacing the DRIPA(A Former Proposed Bill).

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International Data Privacy Day

While different organizations are collectively working to safeguard Civilians Data Privacy, Social Welfare Organizations are worried for a major issue. Most of the internet users are unaware about their Rights for Data Privacy. The National Cyber Security Alliance is conducting international Data Privacy Day on 28th January.

Prime focus of Data Privacy Day is to raise civilians awareness and give education on the need for Privacy and Data Protection. As a result, more people will play active role in safeguarding their Personal Data.


The ruling shall be made either in the favor of Civilians or State Sponsored Surveillance Agencies. However you may restore your Data Protection and Online Freedom by using VPN. It doesn’t only give you anonymity, but it passes your data through dedicated tunnels making your data encrypted and impossible to read. Even if it falls in wrong hand it will be of no use.

In the end I am leaving you with the choice to comment and share your thoughts for User Data Privacy. Sharing is caring. Former Senior Advisor for Central Intelligence Agency “Edward Snowden” says:

“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded”.