California Anti Privacy Bill Defeated

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Apr-14-2016

Anti-Privacy Bill “A.B 1681” Defeated

On Tuesday, California legislators rejected the Anti-Privacy Bill A.B 1681. The bill was proposed by Senator Jim Cooper in late-January, requiring phone manufacturers and tech providers to include decryption methods and security-backdoors in smart phones. In case manufacturers and providers fail to decrypt the device, penalty of $2,500 will be brought upon them.

The Bill faced heavy criticism from tech-giants including Apple, ACLU, Google, California Chamber of Commerce and California Bankers Association. Privacy advocates, professionals, organizations and oridinary citizens have raised concerns due to the massive use of encryption in daily life today.

What Does The AB 1681 Bill Say?

According to Decryption Bill AB 1681, every Smartphone traded in California should be capable of being decrypted and unlocked at the time of sale, by either cell-phone manufacturer or operating-system provider. Later the bill was amended with the addition of a $2,500 penalty for those who fail to decrypt the device under court’s order.



California Anti Privacy Bill Defeated

LA Times Headline January 22, 2016

The Bill posed serious threats to the privacy for California netizens. Moreover, it stepped upon sacred Smartphone encryption and security policies. It pushed tech companies to utilize resources to defeat their own encryption and put backdoor in devices. If the bill had been approved, it would have forbidden companies to embedd encryption onto devices in future.


Overview of The Anti-Privacy Bill

Following are the highlights of California Anti-Privacy Bill “A.B 1681”:

  • The decryption mandate requires manufacturers to include potential backdoors in Smartphone security infrastructure.
  • It increases the potential of Smartphones to get hacked, leaving the confidential information of users to be exploited.
  • It poses the threat for new vulnerabilities to infect devices synchronized with the Smartphone.
  • New threat will rise for IOTs (Internet of Things) and Internet Transactions.

You may access the complete California Anti-Privacy Bill here.

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