Breaking: BreachForums Admin Arrested as FBI Seizes Cybercrime Platform

  • Last updated May 16, 2024
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According to a statement from the ShinyHunters group, the administrator of the notorious cybercrime forum BreachForums has reportedly been arrested.

ShinyHunters, which claimed ownership of BreachForums in June 2023, revealed in a PGP-signed message on a newly created Telegram channel that the arrest of Baphomet has put the future of the forum in jeopardy.

We regret to inform you that administrator Baphomet (our ‘space cowboy’) has been arrested, leading to the seizure of pretty much all of our infrastructure by the FBI. At this point, the future of our forum remains uncertain. No members of ShinyHunters have been arrested. We are currently waiting for further confirmations from our staff, and we will keep you updated with any new announcements in this channel,” the post reads.

This development follows the FBI’s recent seizure of the BreachForums website, a popular hub for sharing stolen data among cybercriminals. The site was temporarily replaced with an FBI seizure notice, indicating that law enforcement had gained access to the site’s backend data.

While the FBI has yet to confirm the arrest officially, cybercriminal circles and media outlets have circulated the news widely. BleepingComputer also reported claims from another threat actor, known as IntelBroker, corroborating Baphomet’s arrest.

BreachForums gained notoriety as a successor to RaidForums, which was shut down following the arrest of its owner. It became a key platform for illicit activities, including the distribution of private data leaks and other stolen information.

Twitter uses reacted on the arrest of BreachForums Admin!

Despite its seemingly playful name inspired by Pokémon, SOCRadar warned of ShinyHunters’ deep involvement in cybercrime, highlighting their specialization in the theft and sale of vast databases, such as the leaked AT&T database containing over 70 million customer records.

Redditors also shared their views regarding the arrest of BreachForums Admin!

byu/BytePin from discussion

byu/BytePin from discussion

As the situation unfolds, the cybersecurity community and federal law enforcement continue to monitor the impact of this significant disruption to one of the cyber underworld’s most infamous forums.

In light of the recent FBI seizure of BreachForums, cybersecurity experts emphasize the importance of maintaining anonymity and protecting online activities. The use of the best VPN services can help shield internet connections from surveillance and prevent unauthorized access, especially for those concerned about privacy and security.

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