Boston Based Firm To Use ID Tags That Spies Your Every Move

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Sep-09-2016

The United States: A Boston-based organization “Humanyze” has recently adopted a technology called “people analytics” developed by MIT graduates, that monitors each and every conversation and location of employees at workplace.

The company has introduced ID badges, consisting of two microphones which perform real-time voice analysis. To enhance the analytics, these badges come with sensor and motion detector which record your every physical activity and movements within the office. However, to give a little sigh of relief to employees, location tracking is omitted when an employee goes to the bathroom.


“Those are things we hammer home, If you don’t give people choice, if you don’t aggregate instead of showing individual data, any benefit would be dwarfed by the negative reaction people will have of you coming in with this very sophisticated sensor.”

Chief Executive of Humanyze, “Ben Waber”

Also, Humanyze has confirmed that within next four years, the technology will be expanded towards each and every ID badges. The company has also addressed the privacy conscious employees that spy ID badges will not keep any record of personal conversation or location data, and each employee will have a choice to step-back from the program.


Do All Technologies Are Meant To Be Adapted?

The gizmo has been released, and employees have started to worry. That said, Jeff Goldbloom’s line  from Jurassic Park explains the situation better than anything, “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should”.

Various case studies have proven that micromanaging employees can lead to less productivity, creativity, motivation and enthusiasm among them. Also, the employers who adapt micromanaging are unsure and self-doubting. The practice results into failing business with lack of loyalty, lagging benefits and least compensation.

Interestingly, people who move a lot, communicate with fellow employees and interact pose clarified thoughts and better self-esteem, thus they’re able to express themselves better.

At the moment, employees are left with questions such as how can one feel comfortable with a spy dongle attached around the neck? Can a market researcher or sales analyst feel better with a device actively recording his communication and every move? Right now, we can say that some products are best if left unbuilt.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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