Biggest Cyber attack Ever? 32M Social Media Accounts Breached

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Jun-13-2016

A recent cyber attack has worried over millions of social media users across the globe. It has been unveiled that malware attack by a Russian hacker has collected over 32 million Twitter login credentials and exploited them on “”.




Similarly, another major security breach took place and perhaps the largest hacking incident ever, where 360 million MySpace accounts were compromised. According to the LeakedSource, it received a copy of user information from an anonymous alias “” that contained over 32,888,300 records including email IDs, usernames, and passwords of Twitter users. The breached information is up on LeakedSource’s search engine that is paid but it lets the users remove leaked information for free.

However, Twitter’s trust and information security officer “Michael Coates” has denied about Twitter’s database being breached:



Many affected users are from Russia as the top ten email domains in the database belong to Russia including and Moreover, various accounts of CEO of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” were also hacked including Twitter. LeakedSource confirmed that Zuckerberg was victimized due to reuse of his password “dadada” on multiple sites. Similarly, majority of users are less creative towards their password and use “123456” or “password” as their login credential. According to Twitter:

tweeter hack



Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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