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With Google’s latest feature, you can now select the Light Side or the Dark Side to customize your Google Apps till the 01st of February, 2016. In order to make the most of the force, you will need to sign up with your Gmail account. But the new feature won’t be applicable on your Google Search, Google Translate and Waze.

Without affecting the functionality of the Google products and services, you will be able to transform your overall Google Experience on Google Chromecast, Gmail, Google Maps and much more. In order to choose a side, you simply need to visit, sign in with your email address and select any of the two.


Should you choose the light side; Gmail, Google Maps and Google Chromecast will be customized with a lighter theme and should you choose the dark side, your Google apps will be customized with a black theme. If you want to revert back to your default themes, you can select the middle option and click on “Back to Default”.

Google’s latest limited time feature generated a buzz on Reddit with some of the users claiming Google wanted all of them to turn blind. We came across quite a few comments that were full of wit and summed up the general reaction of the users. Enjoy!