Apple vs. FBI Case Postponed

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Mar-22-2016

The long wait is over and Apple fans around the world may relax now. The Justice Department of Riverside, California, has declared that it no longer need Apple’s assistance to unlock the San Bernardino shooting suspect’s iPhone.

This development led the judge to postpone the hearing of the Apple Vs. FBI case, and allowed the conflict between state sponsored agency and the technical giant to subside. The government official further claimed that a third party had offered to unlock the suspect’s iPhone.

Apple had opposed the FBI’s demand to decrypt the device, stating that customer data privacy is Apple’s first preference, and that it could not compromise on security and encryption of Apple devices under any circumstances.

The government will test the offer by third party, in an attempt to decrypt iOS device without altering its sensitive information. If it is successful then it may no longer need Apple’s help, and this will put Apple out of the picture. The status report of case progress will be submitted by Justice Department on Tuesday, April 5.

This alteration in the case has diminished the long lasting debate over how law enforcement agencies can gain access to our private and confidential data. Civil rights for data privacy were struck deeply when the court ordered Apple to weaken the device’s encryption for law enforcement agencies last month. This raised waves of questions and anger among the Apple users worldwide.

However, Apple resisted court’s order stating that this demand in future will require more iPhones to get decrypted, eventually destroying customer’s data privacy and product security itself. Furthermore, President Obama opposed Apple’s resistance in the case, stating that law enforcement agencies should have access to Smartphone and other devices in order to collect information legally.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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