Anti-Scam Chatbot Now Available on WhatsApp in Australia

  • Last updated June 12, 2024
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BitDefender has announced the local availability of its anti-scam chatbot, Scamio, on the popular messaging platform WhatsApp in Australia. This free tool, designed to combat scams, was initially launched for Meta’s Messenger app last year. BitDefender now expands its reach to include WhatsApp and plans for future integration with Telegram.

According to BitDefender, Scamio leverages natural language processing as a “strong second opinion” on potentially fraudulent messages. It operates on any web browser or within Messenger and WhatsApp, allowing users to analyze emails, text messages, links, and QR codes.

Users can receive a reliable verdict on the probability of malicious activity by simply dropping any suspicious content into the chatbot and describing the context in which it was received.

Ciprian Istrate, senior vice-president of operations, consumer solutions group at BitDefender, highlighted the growing sophistication of online scams.

In addition to its drag-and-drop functionality, Scamio can be added as a contact in WhatsApp, transforming it into a personal scam checker. While the chatbot is free to use, registration is required.

With the launch of Scamio on WhatsApp, BitDefender continues its mission to provide robust security solutions that protect users from the ever-evolving landscape of online scams and cyber threats.

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