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On September 10th the internet protested against Comcast and FCC. The protest recorded over 312,171 phone calls during peak hours which reached a whooping 1000 calls per minute.

And over 2,332,092 emails were sent to the congress at the same day. If these figures aren’t enough to impress you then an added 777,364 people who filed their comments with the FCC will leave you astonished.

On the very same day 40,805 websites displayed the full BattleForTheNet banners. But Comcast wanted to live up to the hype of being the most hated company in America by declaring war on TOR living up to its reputation.

We received reports that Comcast agents have contacted many of their customers asking them to stop using TOR. They furthermore also threatened to terminate their service if they didn’t comply.

A Comcast agent named ‘Jeremy’ called TOR an illegal service as its usage is against company’s policy.

Comcast’s agents have been asking their customers about the websites which they have been accessing using VPN for Tor. Comcast justified this demand by saying that the people who are using such services are doing something which is not-so-legal and they have the right to suspend, terminate or fine the customer.

There biggest concern is; how did Comcast find out that their customers are using TOR? This means that Comcast has been monitoring their customer’s internet activity. This basically throws customer’s privacy out of the window. With advent of the termination of Net Neutrality this will only add more fuel to the already blazing fire. The numbers which were stated above will only rise and Comcast is going to have its hands full.

Comcast recently collaborated with the FBI by providing information of the Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht’s internet usage. Somebody should remind them that monitoring their customer’s internet activity is also against their policy. A Comcast spokesperson recently told the DeepDotWeb that:

We respect customer privacy and security and would only investigate the specifics of a customer’s account with a valid court order. And if we’re asked by a court to provide customer information, then we ask for a reasonable amount of time to notify the customer so they can decide if they would like to hire a lawyer and if they do, then we turn the case over to them and they proceed with the judge directly and we step away.

Comcast has been a part of the NSA program in the past as they have been sending customer’s data to the authorities. And more recently they have been paving the way for an internet which won’t be neutral. This will bring more business to them but ultimately the average user will suffer.

You can still comment on the FCC website or on Battle for the Net to stop them from killing net neutrality. The hearing will be held tomorrow, there is still time to go and register your comment.

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