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HBO Now has recently announced that it would be providing support to the Android and Chromecast users in the summers due to the increased demands and popularity of the cord-cutting service in the US. Up till now, only the Apple users were able to enjoy the live streaming of their favorite TV shows via HBO Now on their devices.

The announcement was made in San Francisco and even though the exact date of the availability of the service on Google Play is not made public, it is rumored that the service will be available as soon as Apple’s exclusive window for the service ends this summer. HBO, however, has hinted heavily towards the fact that the service would be available this summer.

HBO has also claimed that both HBO Now and HBO Go will be available for streaming on Google Play and the users will be able to enjoy all the episodes of Game of Thrones, True Detective and Silicon Valley. However, that being said, there is not much that the Android and Chromecast users can do from the areas where HBO and its services are blocked.

HBO Now’s direct qualification for a place in Google Play still means nothing to them, unless they unblock it using a VPN service. A VPN service can help them get past the boundaries set by HBO. Due to high production costs, and content licensing issues, the access of HBO and its services is confined to the American region.

The users can make sure of VPN services to switch their servers to US while accessing the Google Play. It will not only put HBO Now on the app list, but it will also enable them to subscribe for the service without having them to experience the painful restrictions set on HBO and its variants.