Ad Blocker Blockers May Be Sued In EU

  • Saad Qureshi
  • May-04-2016

Online privacy was challenged and in the wake of this event, publishers and website owners may face a range of law suits in the Europe for using ad blocker detectors. Ad blockers have protected over 200 million users globally from the eyes of evil publishers whose income relies primarily on advertising. Last year, Google removed 780 million malicious advertisements from the network but publishers, including technology magazine Wired, push pop-ups asking users to turn off the ad blocker in order to proceed any further.

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The EU Cookie Directive

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the browser of a website visitor. They are used to track their activities across the web. The European rules for online privacy “Cookie Directive” states that a website requires obtaining user’s consent before storing or accessing information on his computer. The rule has pushed websites into displaying a pop-up to warn the users that a website uses cookies.

ceo of think Privacy


A barrage of legal challenges is expected across Europe as European Commission has confirmed that ad blocker blockers violate EU privacy rules. Privacy activists and CEO of Think Privacy, Alexander Hanff, are set to lodge a series of complaints across Europe against publishers and website owners who violate EU privacy rules using ad blocker blockers.

Studying the Ad Blocker

Following are some key aspects of an ad blocker that netizens around the world need to know:

  • Advertisements track users browsing behavior across websites they visit and build profiles in order to target future advertisements
  • Ad blocker blocks advertisements which use over 40% of the internet traffic costing users with limited data package to pay more
  • Websites load much slower when 3rd party advertisements are running
  • Advertisements lead to identity thefts, frauds and severe cyber crimes.


According to some lawyers, national regulators may disagree with the security experts and privacy activists to put a stop on blocking the ad blockers. Critics claim that the ad blocker detectors do not always store or access information on a user’s device but they identify certain functionalities within the device.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi


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