71% Want No Dark Net: While Having No Idea About It

  • Saad Qureshi
  • Apr-05-2016

Today, majority of users avoid to debate on Darknet and tor. Since Darknet is portrayed as evil and threatening to cyber community, this is mainly due to misunderstanding and unawareness among the users, about multi-purpose web-genre “Darknet”. Like any other tool it can be used for good and can be exploited for evil purposes. However, it is very difficult for the old-fashioned users to accept that this isn’t tool’s fault.

What IPSOS Survey Says?

A recent survey by IPSOS involving 24,000 users worldwide, commissioned by CIGI (Center for International Governance Innovation) showed that, about 71% global population wants no Darknet, out of which 36% strongly felt this way, while 35% somehow felt this way. The survey involved 24 highly populated countries. Apparently, the percentage of users who wished no-Darknet was higher in specific countries than others. The survey shows following results:

Country % of Users Against “Darknet “
Most Likely To Oppose Darknet:
Indonesia 85%
India 82%
Mexico 80%
China 79%
Egypt 79%
South Africa 77%
Pakistan 76%
France 76%
Great Britain 76%
Brazil 73%
Australia 72%
United States 72%
Turkey 71%
Tunisia 69%
Italy 68%
Germany 67%
Poland 65%
Least Likely To Oppose Darknet:
Japan 63%
Niger 62%
Hong Kong 62%
Kenya 61%
South Korea 61%
Sweden 61%

According to the stats, big portion of citizens supported the shutdown of “Darknet”, without even knowing about it.  However, putting down the darknet will require breakdown of over 7000 secret global tor nodes. Yet, this may be possible as P2P torrent giants including Bit Torrent and Yify have been brought down by anti-piracy authorities. But, to put down the darknet, several secret avenues need to be shutdown, including I2P and Free net. Even more, ban on such technologies will be needed to stop darknet in future.

Situation Twister

We have witnessed some scary incidents in past, involving darknet. That includes child pornography, assassinations and more intimidating events. Yet, putting an end on darknet is not possible in the current situation. A Canadian press release shows that, while some people utilize dark net for wicked and evil purposes involving drug marketing, human trafficking and more immoral crimes, others use it as an incredible tool for whistle blowing, political dissident and confidential business dealings. It all depends upon how user utilizes the tool. Blaming upon the tool won’t solve the problem.

71% Want No Dark Net While Having No Idea About It

Saad Qureshi


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