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On his death, VPNRanks invites you to join us in paying homage to the father of video games by playing five of the most popular games that were the first of their kind. These games came out in 70s and 80s, and gained global popularity. Some of the unblocked games can be checked here.

We want you to go down memory lane with these games and experience a time when gaming was simpler but no less fun than it is today. There will be no 3D graphics or heavy duty RAM requirements, but the walk down memory lane will leave you nostalgic for the good ol’ days.



You can’t possibly pay homage to Baer without playing Pong! Baer was the first man to have invented Pong. The game is easy to play, and is available on just about every gaming website these days.

game 1

Pac Man

Pac Man is a legendary arcade game that came out in May 1980 and has been re-released countless times with numerous versions available. But we want you to play the basic version. Simply Google Pac Man and you will be able to play it in your browser.

game 2

Space Invader

This game came out in 1978, and is a part of gaming culture around the world. The simple scrolling game requires you to protect yourself and eliminate the space invaders as protection runs thin.

game 3


The popular space shooter came out in 1979 and quickly became popular as one of the most challenging games of the era. You control a small space ship that must survive the asteroid field as asteroid fly in from all directions and you must protect your space ship armed with nothing but your laser blaster and the ability to turn full 360 degrees.



We saved the best for the last. If you go through the first four, we guarantee that you will spend the most time on this one. Tetris was the first tile-matching puzzle to take the world by storm. Released in 1984, this seemingly simple game was notable for having a 26-minute long soundtrack that will stick in your head for days to come!


About Ralph Baer

The father of video games is dead. In the 1960s, Ralph Baer drew inspiration from the television and gave us the concept of modern video games. Amongst countless other accolades and inventions, he is also credit for being the inventor of the first peripheral: the rifle light gun for the Shooting Gallery game.

Baer is known for creating the concept of the game box with nothing more than a $2,500 fund and two assistants. Baer used no more than 40 transistors and 40 diodes. The fruit of his work has is now visible in the form of a global gaming industry that is worth billions today.


Image: Baer’s Brown Box with the Light Gun (which was sold separately as an accessory), licensed and sold as the Magnavox Odyssey by Magnavox in 1972, and currently on display in the Smithsonian Institution


Ralph Baer’s Early Days

Born in Germany, Baer, along with his family, came to the US in 1922. Baer worked in a leather factory until World War Two led him to join the ranks as an intelligence officer. After 1949, Baer began working as a television engineer and had grown to the post of Divisions Manager by 1956. In 1966 he made history when he developed the ‘Brown Box’, with Bill Harrison and Bill Rusch.

Baer created and helped to create a number of games in his life time. In this regard, he is also remembered for the highly successful memory game ‘Simon’. The game was very popular in the 1970s and 80s, and quickly became a pop culture icon.



Image: (Left) Ralph Baer poses with ‘Simon’ and a shelf filled with games he helped create on the left and a close up of ‘Simon’ in its original box on the right


Man’s Relationship with Machine

The Brown Box gave Atari the groundwork to create the famous ‘Pong’ game. But the most amazing thing about Baer’s invention is that it changed the way the everyday man interacts with machine. This was more than a pass-time for Baer and his passion for tinkering with electronics was evident from his days in the leather factory when he created a system to speed up the stitching process.

His friends from the army also remember him as the Intelligence Officer who used to tinker with mine detectors and convert them into radios so his friends could listen to music.

Video: Ralph Baer plays Ping Pong on the Brown Box with fellow inventor Bill Harrison in 1969


Circumstances Surrounding Baer’s Death

The circumstances surrounding his death remain unknown. All that is known about his last days is that he was still engaged in inventing, research and development. His wife died in 2013 but his passion for electronics had led him to work in everything from games to submarine tracking systems.


We Salute Baer

As we fight for a free and unrestricted cyberspace, VPNRanks pays homage to the man who gave the world a reason to come together. The Father of Video Games will never be forgotten, and each new game that comes out will be a silent salute to the man who started it all, and envisioned a world in which people can come together to create moments of joy and happiness, on their TV screens.

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