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Online Cyber Security has become a matter of ultimate concern these days. Hackers have been already successful in snooping Department of Homeland Security Database. Even more, personal email account of John Brennan Director CIA got hacked by a teenager. These events trigger the need of safety seat belt when you are in cyber world. If you aren’t aware about threats to your data privacy, I will tell you 4 reasons why data protection is your online-watch guard.

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#1. Threat To Your Pins & Passwords

Whether it’s your personal email or bank account. If you have ever entered pins and passwords on your computer or any handheld device, chances are you may face devastating outcomes. Some programs like Key logger can be remotely installed on your system, and handover wealthy data to hackers. You may expect fraudulent funds transfer, bankruptcy, un wanted mails delivered by your email and even more. VPN is a perfect solution for data protection, it provides Military Grade Encryption to your data.


 #2. Unwanted Data Retention

External penetration of data has struck many  user since last decade. Many organizations are holding your data. Including State sponsored Surveillance Agencies, Internet Service Providers, Internet Browser and public networks, all detain your data. It’s not long ago when massive customer data was leaked from Ashley Madison and Hello Kitty website, Victimizing countless dating couples. However, VPN data encryption will help making the data unreadable even if it gets leaked.


# 3. Third Party Advertisement

Ever noticed if you searched a product and its banner blinks on every site you visit? This is due to 3rd party tracker. When you visit certain websites, every little move of yours is tracked. A profile is created based on your activities. This profile holds your personal information like your name, age, date of birth and anything that you entered. Later the profile is sold to advertisement agencies. It may also be used to hack into your personal accounts. Privacy badger is a good tool to block such unwanted trackers.


# 4. Ransom ware

Hackers and stalkers may acquire your data, but even worse they can blackmail you. Large number of internet users including females are blackmailed by hacking their social network accounts. You can tackle this threat by limiting your uploads. Never leave your personal photo on your profile. Use a decent antivirus like MacAfee or ESET to stop Trojans, win32 virus and worms from stealing your data.



The data protection has never been as important as now. Your information serves as resource for advertisement and revenue generation.  A VPN is best tool for your data protection. It cloaks your IP address with a foreign server, making you anonymous over the internet. Even more it provides military grade encryption to your data, so if it falls in wrong hand it will be of no use. User reviews and Data privacy advocates suggest following VPNs due to their optimized and protected servers, they ensure you maximum security and online freedom.