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What is ICCWS is all about?

A cybersecurity event will be taking place in South Africa next week from 24th March that will be hosted by South Africa. The 10th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security will provide a platform to all the individuals (academics, online security experts and information consultants) to share a podium to discuss how the information systems security can be improved further.

The conference is nothing less than an opportunity for people to get firsthand knowledge about various topics including but not limited to cyber terrorism, hacking cases, instances of cyber conflicts, the fears and threats of e-fraud, phishing and scamming scandals, data loss and threats of breaching into your systems.

Since the event will be co-hosted by the University of Venda, the Conference Chairperson will be Dr. Jannie Zaaiman with Laurens Cloete, Dr. Louise Leenen, Herman Opperman and Brigadier General A.J. Coetzee as the guest speakers. The ICCWS yields an excellent opportunity for all the authors and cyber security experts to submit their papers for consideration for publication.

The conference will most likely be based on the theoretical discussions on the ways of improving the internet security system and the ideas of practically implementing them to check all the aspects of the cybersecurity systems. The papers submitted in the event will be considered for getting publishing in various top journals including Journal of Information Warfare.

Guest Speakers for 10th ICCWS

The organizers have made sure to cover each and every aspect of cybersecurity in the conference and therefore have invited the guest speakers from all aspects of life. The guests will discuss all the important elements that will not only provide deep insights on the cybersecurity but they will also highlight as to how we can improve our online security.

(1) Dr. Jannie Zaaiman

Started his career as an inter alia, Dr. Zaaiman has a weakness for researching on cybersecurity awareness issues all across the world. Currently works as a Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Venda, Dr. Zaaiman will be the chairperson of the 10th ICCWS.

(2) Dr. Louise Leenen

An expert in the Constraint Programming (Computer Sciences), Dr. Leenen works as a Senior Researcher at the CSIR (South Africa). Her core subject is researching on the artificial apps that work for the defense environment.

(3) Brigadier General A.J. Coetzee

Serving the South African military services for almost 4 decades, he has completed various courses that have helped him understand the basics of the cybersecurity. He is an avid fan of techno articles and reads them all to learn more about the growing industry.

(4) Herman Opperman

Started off his career as a Security Consultant, Herman has only recently worked his way up the ranks and now is working as Cybersecurity Architect for a renowned cyber agency. Herman brings in a vast experience of 15 years of helping the customers in fending off the online threats.

(5) Laurens Cloete

Working as the CSIR Group Executive, Lauren Cloete is known for his leadership skills. Cloete’s focus took a turn in the mid-1990s when he developed more interest towards complex software development. Cloete has been appointed as the Group Executive of CSIR till November 2015.