New Releases for Netflix September 2018

New Releases for Netflix September 2018

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On a late Saturday night, my roommate offered me to try it with him, I was hesitant. Moreover, I had never been that kind of guy, call it peer pressure or call me weak, I tried it just to please him. Once. And then there was no going back.

From midnight to sunrise to noon, I had been hooked. I no longer cared about the class project I had to submit in a few hours, it was a state of pure bliss. Heck I was even postponing going to the bathroom. I had gone as far as getting my own fix. I had been hooked and Netflix it was.

And as with junkies, getting the next hit is the most important thing, here I bring to you all that’s hitting Netflix this September 2018.


New Releases Netflix Shows list of September 2018

Iron Fist (Season 2) – TV Series

Release Date: September 7th

After being missing for years Danny Rand returns to New York with the mission to reconnect with his family legacy. His aim is to fight criminals corrupting his world with unmatchable kung-Fu skills. This will be the third new Marvel series to come to Netflix in 2018. Iron Fist first got debut on Netflix back in early 2017 so it’s an overdue for a second outing. The new series will see Iron Fist face a new enemy in the form of Typhoid Mary who wields telekinetic powers.

Cable Girls (Season 3) – TV Series

Release Date: September 7th

Original title: “Las chicas del cable”, is set around in the 1930s period in Madrid, spain. The show revolves around Lidia Aguilar who tries to save her friend from a toxic relationship ending up at the scene of a double homicide. She is then blackmailed by a cop to aid in the robbery of Spain’s telephone company.

The series is available in both English and Spanish with subtitles.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser-Movie

Release Date: September 7th

The story centers sierra who is an intelligent teen, she doesn’t really fit into the definition of a hot high school girl but due to a case of mistaken identity an unexpected romance is built up. She teams up with the schools most popular girl to win over her crush. The series is a high school comedy which sees the most popular girl and the biggest loser of the year go head to head to win over their crushes.


Bojack Horseman (Season 5)-TV Series

Release Date: September 14th

This is one of a kind. Its witty, smart and unique, Bojack is the oldest of the Netflix Original animated shows still holds the place for the best show. The fifth season has been teased continuously by the shows official twitter account throughout the year. Finally the anticipation is to be over as the new season is arriving in September.

The Dragon Prince (Season 2)-Kids Animated Series

Release Date: September 14th

The sudden crown ship of Rohan is making his father Prince Zehava wonder if he has the ability to rule or not. Prince Zehava is wounded in a dragon hunt. Therefore, Rohan unexpectedly becomes prince. Things take a twist when one day he is magically cursed be a dragon himself. It’s a wild story, it is when he faces fear, abuse and preyed upon he learns about himself and the mistakes he makes.

Ingobernable (Season 2)-TV Series

Release Date: September 21st

The first lady of mexico (Emillia) has huge plans for the improvement of the country, however, she starts to lose faith in her husband things move to the point of divorce. But on the night she was going to leave she gets into an aggressive argument with Diego and he falls off the balcony onto the top of a car. However, what’s surprising is that the autopsy reveals that a bullet was shot in his head. Now Emillia is on the run until she finds the killer to prove her innocence.

The Good Cop (Season 1)-TV Series

Release Date: September 21st

The father and son series promises a good laugh! The series is about Tony Sr. a former NYPD officer who lives with his son and has never followed rules, while his son is overly obsessive about honesty and is NYPD detective. It’s going to be fun watching this duo of opposite characters and the weird father son relationship as Tony Sr. offers junior some solid street smart advice on handling matters. Most cop/detective shows are usually dark and feature provocative material, however this is going to be a comical and family friendly show.

Maniac (Season 1)-TV Series

Release Date: September 21st

This is going to be a very interesting show, two strangers sign up for scientific trials with assurance of no side effects, and the promise of solving all their problems forever without any side effects. The movie is funny yet on track and with Jonah Hill on the reel uncontrollable laughter is guarantee! The other stranger is Emma Stone. Bummer alert! Things don’t go as planned.

Private Life- Movie

Release Date: September 21st

This movie has been out for some time but not for public viewership. It first premiered back in January at the Sundance Film Festival. The story focuses on an author’s life who is undergoing many therapies for curing her infertility. Watch as the couple tries to keep their marriage stable as they enter into the weird world of assisted reproduction and adoption. The couple is advised a third party reproduction which they initially denounce but later, they consider.


Release Date: September 28th

If you loved Gerard’s Game then get ready for a period of drama thriller coming your way at the end of this month. The story is about a brother trying to rescue his sister who’s trapped inside a cult.

What’s Leaving Netflix in September?


  • The American Bible Challenge (2 Seasons)
  • The Assets (Season 1)
  • Auschwitz: The nazis and the final solution (Season 1)
  • Bleach (3 Seasons)
  • Descendants of the Sun (Season 1)
  • Egypt (Season 1)
  • Europe’s Last Great Wilderness (Season 1)
  • Fabulous Flores (2015)
  • Great Raids of World War II (Season 1)
  • Hellevator (2 Seasons)
  • India’s Lost Worlds (Season 1)
  • Indochina’s Wild Heart (Season 1)
  • InuYasha (2 Seasons)
  • The Last Nazis (Season 1)
  • Lockup: County Jails (Season 1)
  • Naruto (3 Seasons)
  • Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial (Season 1)
  • Ocean Giants (Season 1)
  • One World War (Season 1)
  • So Awkward (Season 1)
  • Supervolcano (Season 1)
  • The World War: Forgotten Soldiers of the Empire (Season 1)

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I hope that the above post will provide you all the latest releases coming to Netflix in September 2018! With a mixture of comedies, drama, anime and adventure there is something for everyone and for all moods.

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