Australia vs. Netherlands – Past Statistics vs. The Flying Dutchman

Netherlands vs. Australia

Referring to the Netherland’s performance in previous match against World Champion Spain, Australia doesn’t seem to stand a chance against viscous attack of Netherlands. Netherlands emerged victorious with an outstanding 5 – 1 win over Spain.

australia vs netherlands

The odds are in favor of Netherlands here and Australia knows it too. This puts an extreme pressure on the team already.




Team Australia knows that it is up against one of the most dangerous FIFA squads along with The Flying Dutchman.


This pressure will either affect – weaken their game play or it will bring out the best in them.



Predicted Lineup

Have a look at predicted lineup of Australia FIFA squad against Netherlands:

  • Ryan
  • McGowan
  • Spiranovic
  • Wilkinson
  • Davidson
  • Jedinak
  • Milligan
  • Bresciano
  • Leckie
  • Oar
  • Cahill

Here’s Netherlands predicted lineup for the match against Australia:

  • Cillessen
  • Janmaat
  • Blind
  • Vlaar
  • Martins Indi
  • De Jong
  • De Guzman
  • De Vrij
  • Sneijder
  • Robben
  • Van Persie A.K.A The Flying Dutchman

australia vs netherlands

Past Matches and Statistics

Strangely, statistics of past matches favor Australia here. Netherlands and Australia have met in the field 3 times where Australia didn’t lose even a single match against Netherlands. Among 3 matches played between the teams, 1 was won by Australia and 2 were concluded as draws. Thus, if we look at the past record of this rivalry, Australia has an edge over Netherlands.


Key Success Factors

Nonetheless, this match isn’t happening in the past. Currently, Netherlands seems to be a very hard contender to beat. With Robben’s pace and Van Persie’s agility, Australia doesn’t seem to stand a chance against Netherlands. So, the final prediction for Netherlands vs. Australia is: Netherlands 2 – 1 Australia.


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