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Netflix is available in 190+ countries, but the highest percentage of its content is only be found in the US. Netflix restricts its content to particular regions to protect the copyright of their TV Shows and Movies.

Also, Netflix is blocking VPNs to prevent bypassing geo-restrictions by changing the Netflix region. As a result, only a few VPNs remain that still work with Netflix.

Fortunately, NordVPN continues to ensure excellent compatibility with Netflix. So in this guide, I shall explain how to use NordVPN and evade not just Netflix proxy error but also stream unlimited TV shows and movies without any hurdles.

How to use NordVPN for Netflix

1: Subscribe to NordVPN

2: Download and Install NordVPN app on your preferred device


3: Open NordVPN app


4: Connect to US #1473 server (server numbers keep changing. Many US-based servers will work for Netflix)


5: Once connected, open Netflix website in ‘Incognito Mode’


6: Search for Infinity War or any other Movies/TV Shows that are available for US viewers


7: It will start streaming in no time!


Video Guide: Using NordVPN with Netflix

The following video shows Netflix unblocking using NordVPN’s Windows client.

Unblocking other Netflix Libraries with NordVPN

NordVPN doesn’t just work well for US Netflix. It is also quite effective for other Netflix libraries including Canada, Australia, UK, and more.

Netflix Canada

The VPN swiftly unblocked Canadian Netflix after connecting to the Canada #772 server (Most other servers will also work).

Netflix UK

Similarly, NordVPN didn’t take long before giving access to UK library of Netflix.

Netflix Australia

If you want to see some shows and movies that are exclusive to Australia, NordVPN can take care of that as shown in the video below:

NordVPN is Not Working with Netflix? Try These Fixes

NordVPN might develop problems while working on Netflix. You don’t need to worry at all, the following are the quick fixes of the technical issues:

Netflix Proxy Error

Netflix proxy error occurs when the website is detecting your original IP address and is restricting your access.

You can try to change the NordVPN server, or you can try clearing your cache. I have provided simple steps to clear your cache:

  1. First things first, open up your browser and head over to the settings option.
  2. Now head over to Advanced > Clear browsing data > and check to mark the clear cache option.
  3. Once you’re done with that, hit clear data.


That’s it, that’s how easy it is to dump your browser’s cache.

Proxy Configuration

In most cases, it is an outdated browser proxy configuration that gets problematic while the user tries to access the Netflix library of the United States. Consequently, accessing the Netflix library of the US becomes a nightmare. This could also be the reason you experience NordVPN’s slow speed while streaming Netflix.

Configure proxy properly and unblock Netflix with NordVPN.

The steps described below are easy and will let you get rid of misconfiguration:

1: Open > Google Chrome
2: Click on the Chrome Menu, that you will see in the top-right corner of the browser’s window and press Settings
3: Once, settings are open, then scroll down to Show Advanced Settings & click on it
4: Find the Network section and click on Change Proxy Settings button
5: Press LAN settings in new Window
6: Check the box Use a proxy server for your LAN (Note: These settings are not applicable to Dial-up Connections)

DNS issue

Did you ever find yourself unable to browse the internet when connected to the VPN? It’s a common problem causes due to DNS configuration issues. Netflix Firewall and Servers detect DNS and IPs which escalates difficulty for users to stream their favorite movies and TV shows.

Follow these steps and configure DNS servers manually in your Windows settings

1. Right-Click network icon in the system tray and open Network and Sharing Center.

2. Go into Change Adapter Settings.
Right, Click the TAP Adapter and open Properties.

4. Now, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and Properties right away.
5. Select Use the following DNS server addresses enter the DNS server which you want to use.
6. Repeat all steps from 3 to 5 for the physical network adapter, that’s called Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


No Internet (Connecting VPN Server)

This issue may happen due to antivirus, firewall or any other security software. This may prompt NordVPN is not working

It is better to uninstall the antivirus or security software from your computer. Try the following steps to get rid of the problem:

1. Open Command Prompt with Admin Right.
Put ipconfig/flushdns or ipconfig/renew.
Restart your PC and reconnect to the servers.

If you still couldn’t fix the problem, you can see this guide for NordVPN troubleshooting tips.

Other Benefits of Using NordVPN

NordVPN’s prowess with Netflix isn’t a point of contention. Many streaming fans rely on NordVPN for Netflix. Yet, the VPN offers much more than the ability to slip through Netflix’s restrictive defenses. Here are some additional benefits of NordVPN:

  • Bypass Chinese censorship: In a time when many VPNs are failing to pass through the Great Firewall of China, NordVPN’s obfuscated servers still work in China. Users that want to access foreign content from within China can utilize NordVPN for this purpose.
  • Unblock torrents: Restrictions against torrent users makes it quite risky to perform p2p activities. NordVPN allows safe torrenting with its privacy-preserving features such as kill switch and IP masking.
  • Privacy and security: The VPN uses a wide range of features for enhancing user’s privacy on the web. Double VPN, Onion over VPN, CyberSec, and kill switch are only some of the features that can make your online life safer.
  • Compatibility: NordVPN is compatible with a lot of devices and platforms beyond the common desktop and smartphones. For instance, you can setup NordVPN on Fire stick, Kodi, and Roku. Although the VPN allows 6 simultaneous connections, you can extend that even further by configuring NordVPN on router.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with NordVPN, you can cancel subscription and demand a refund within 30 days of purchase. New users can also try get a trial version to check the service out.

Wrapping Up

Every binge-watcher loves to stream Netflix. It is matchless streaming services with millions of members worldwide.

When it comes to binge streaming, Netflix and NordVPN are the perfect combination. And the best thing is that NordVPN’s qualities don’t just end with Netflix. It offers a lot more than that as highlighted in our NordVPN review.

How has NordVPN fared for you when it comes to accessing Netflix? We’d love to hear your experiences. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.