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IPVanish does not unblock Netflix because it has servers in only 15 US cities. To unblock Netflix from anywhere you’ve got to have a large server network that could surpass Netflix restrictions. The best solution is to get PureVPN because it has close to 500 servers in the US alone.

I connected IPVanish to each of their US servers to watch Infinity War only to receive the following error:

Netflix Site Error!

We were unable to process your request. Please go to the Netflix Home Page by clicking the button below.

IPVanish is Not Working with Netflix? Try this Quick Fix…

Does IPVanish work with Netflix? The straight answer is No, it doesn’t.

A simple fix to unblock American Netflix is to switch to PureVPN that will help you stream all the US and Canadian library content from anywhere.

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More IPVanish Alternatives for Netflix

Below you will find some of the alternatives that easily unblock American Netflix without a problem:

How I used IPVanish to Unblock US Netflix

In order to verify claims of IPVanish Netflix unblocking, we tested servers of this VPN to know if it unblocks Netflix US library. Here are the steps that I followed:

Step 1: Download and Install IPVanish on your preferred device


Step 2: Open IPVanish app


Step 3: Click on the server list and connect to any US server (I tried connecting to Chicago server)


Step 4: Wait until your new IP address appears at the top


Step 5: Open Netflix website


Step 6: Type Avengers Infinity war (only available for US viewers) at the Search icon


Step 7: Once you try to stream Infinity War, Netflix Site Error appears on the website


Why does Netflix Block IP?

Netflix blocks VPN providers to protect content owners. Being the #1 streaming website, it takes special care of peoples’ interests and copyright. Likewise, it distributes all video contents by geography.

That’s why Netflix is bound not to license some countries due to legal obligations. So, whenever Netflix finds you accessing such content, it detects VPN beforehand and hinders you from streaming content which is not available in your country.

Netflix is acting like a content creator and content distributor too. Therefore, it is taking all the possible steps to block VPNs that try to unblock its content. If you connect to an Australian server and visit, an Australian version will appear on your screen.

When you select a video to watch, you will receive a proxy error message that says whoops, something went wrong.” This is how Netflix VPN detection strategy stops you from accessing your favorite videos.

Wrapping Up

IPVanish is a good VPN service when it comes to streaming various services, but it doesn’t manage to unblock American Netflix. I tried streaming Infinity War, which is available for US viewers only, I received a Netflix Site Error.

This guide provides a comprehensive insight into IPVanish for Netflix and takes advantage of quick fixes to get rid of technical complications. The quick solution is to get PureVPN, which happens to unblock Netflix with ease.