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Netflix catalog is not the same for all 190 countries where it has its presence. In fact, copyright holders make their content available in regions where they could make more money, based on the interest of users of that region.

Netflix has to carefully oblige that rule, and in the process, it blocked VPNs from preventing users to access American Netflix that has the biggest library thus far. Meanwhile, I tested ExpressVPN to check whether it unblocks US Netflix when connected to different server locations. Different tests are conducted that will provide you detailed performance about ExpressVPN Netflix feature.

ExpressVPN is based in British-Virgin Island and if you want to learn more about its features, refer to our ExpressVPN review.


Does ExpressVPN work with Netflix?

There were 2 tests conducted in total. The first test was to find if ExpressVPN works with Netflix while using different server locations. The second test was the speed performance of ExpressVPN while running on Netflix video content. To conclude, ExpressVPN passed the test. It not only unblocked US Netflix but revealed great speed than any of the VPN provider I had witnessed.

Here are the major findings of the 2 tests:

  • ExpressVPN easily managed to access American Netflix with all of its US servers
  • ExpressVPN speed only declined by 7%
  • Non-VPN internet speed (Netherlands)= 28 Mbps
  • ExpressVPN speed (US server)= 26 Mbps
  • for all US servers= 21 Mbps to 25 Mbps

It was no surprise to me seeing ExpressVPN working with Netflix, but what really surprised me was its speed. This is a common fact that a VPN reduces your internet speed and you can do nothing about it. But I see ExpresVPNs speed only declined by 7% which is barely nothing.

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ExpressVPN Speed Test for Netflix

As discussed, the first test I conducted was to check whether ExpressVPN servers are able to unblock American Netflix with its multiple US servers. Not just that, I wanted to know whether ExpressVPN was able to stream US Netflix library content.

So, the variable for Netflix testing were:

  • My physical location: Netherlands
  • My internet speed (without a VPN): 28 Mbps
  • ExpressVPN servers tested: US servers

My physical location is the Netherlands, so I was testing with an internet speed of 28 Mbps. The place is about 7,500 Km away from New York, which is where I will connect my ExpressVPN server. To my expectations, ExpressVPN had zero problems unblocking Netflix whatsoever.

With that, I was able to stream “Despicable Me 3” which is for now only available in the US and very few other countries. I never came across any errors or pop-ups that will prevent me from accessing US Netflix.

As soon as I connected to a New York server of ExpressVPN, I visited Netflix website on a Chrome browser but in an Incognito Window. I was soon encountered with American Netflix with an extraordinary large library.

I tried the same for other US servers i.e. Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and Miami. The results happened to be the same. I never found any restrictions claiming that my IP is blocked or I received a playback error. It hardly took me 3 minutes to access the streaming service.

Speed Test Results using

Measuring the speed performance before and after I accessed Netflix was the best part. Although there are a few VPN service providers that would unblock US Netflix, but there aren’t many that offer an excellent speed.

Never forget, ‘Speed’ is the basis when streaming videos. Therefore, my second test was to monitor the speed of ExpressVPN on Netflix servers using (Powered by Netflix). I conducted the test using ExpressVPN Windows app.

Reminder: My original location is Netherlands and my non-VPN internet speed is 28 Mbps.

However, upon connecting to New York server and accessing Netflix without any restrictions, I looked up to Fast website and it indicated my internet speed (with ExpressVPN) was 26 Mbps, which is absolutely amazing.


To double-check on the internet speed with a VPN, I managed to connect with multiple other servers of ExpressVPN to see if the speed were consistent. And they were! The speed ranged from 21 Mbps to 25 Mbps. This is quite exceptional because you only need 25 Mbps to stream videos on Ultra HD quality.

There’s another speed test that you can perform which is available on ExpressVPN app itself. There is an option called Speed Test that will check the latency and download speed of its servers. The one that has the best Speed Index you can go with that US server.

So, upon the 2 tests that were conducted, I can truly guarantee that ExpressVPN is extraordinary when it comes to access Netflix or when streaming its content at fast speed.


How to Setup ExpressVPN with Netflix?

Step 1: Sign up for ExpressVPN > Download and Install ExpressVPN app

Step 2: Select any US server

Step 3: Log in with your existing Netflix account > Start streaming!


Here’s a catch! If you’re still having problems accessing Netflix, which at this time you shouldn’t, you can always contact its Live Chat Support which is available 24/7.


Netflix regions that you can access with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has over 3,000+ servers and presence in over 94 countries. There are 31 ExpressVPN servers that work with Netflix.

There are other Netflix regions that work perfectly with ExpressVPN:

  • Netflix US
  • Netflix UK
  • Netflix Australia
  • Netflix Canada
  • Netflix France

But why do you access American Netflix? Its because American Netflix has the biggest library than of the countries where Netflix exist. So, accessing it would let you stream every video content.


Why Use ExpressVPN for Netflix?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to go for ExpressVPN for Netflix, I have tried to sum up below:

  • Device


ExpressVPN has apps for all devices whether it be Laptop/Computer, iOS or Android Phones, Tablets, or any other device of your convenience. You could sit back and relax while streaming Netflix on your devices.

  • Fast Connection


Not to forget the speed ExpressVPN has while streaming Netflix or any other streaming service. I conducted a speed test that clearly shows ExpressVPN is the fastest amongst all others.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth


Binge-watch Netflix all you want without worrying about bandwidth expiry because when you opt for ExpressVPN, you get unlimited bandwidth.

  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee


The good thing is, you can always get your money refunded within 30-days if you don’t think the service is worth it. All your money is returned if you’re dissatisfied watching Netflix with ExpressVPN.


How to Watch Netflix Risk-Free?

In total, there are only 3 ways to access a website, app, or content that is geographically restricted i.e. VPN, Proxy, and DNS Codes.

When talking about DNS codes, it is never able to access Netflix because it doesn’t hide your IP address, nor encrypts your traffic, and certainly not reliable.

Proxy, on the other hand, can hide your IP address because that’s the only thing it would do, but does it able to give you access to American Netflix? Not a chance. You see, it never encrypts your traffic, and what we know is Netflix has such superior security that it detects where your traffic is coming from, and therefore doesn’t grant you permission.

Lastly, we remained with a VPN service that is the only way to access US Netflix. Why? Because it not only hides your IP address, but also encrypts your traffic, changes your location with ease, and certainly is counted as reliable service.


ExpressVPN Netflix Errors and Quick Fixes

If Netflix is not working with ExpressVPN, you can face the below-mentioned errors.

Here is the list of these errors along with their solutions that includes:

1. What to do if you are stuck on the ‘Activating… Please Wait.’ Screen?

Mainly, this problem occurs when you’re using ExpressVPN 5.X in Windows.

  • Click right on ExpressVPN in the taskbar and click Quit ExpressVPN
  • Launch ExpressVPN again. In case, the problem doesn’t resolve

2. Websites Can’t be accessed

Often, users have difficulty accessing some sites even being connected to ExpressVPN. Use the following troubleshooting steps and resolve your problem instantly.

  • Click Start>All Programs>Accessories
  • If you’re using Windows 10, hit the Window key + key, now click Command Prompt(Admin)
  • If you are Windows Vista or users, Hit the Windows key and click Now. Select Run and type cmd.
    Important Note: Right click on Command Prompt icon to choose Run as Administrator for launching the prompt with complete administrative privileges.
  • For Windows XP users, hit the Windows key and to select Run and type cmd and click on Command Prompt icon
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter key and it sends the following confirmation messages:
    Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache’

3. DNS Leaks Meanwhile Using ExpressVPN Windows app with Antivirus

Users of ExpressVPN app for Windows encounter DNS leaks at the time of using antivirus programs i.e. AVG or Avast Antivirus etc. Use the steps provided below to resolve this technical glitch:

Make Sure DNS is Already Set to Automatic
  • Open Windows Run command
  • Type ‘cpl’ and press Enter
  • Right-click on main internet connection in network connection window and click Properties
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv6)
  • Click on Properties
  • Select Obtain DNS server address automatically and click OK immediately

4. Change ExpressVPN app Settings

  • Go the ExpressVNP app and then Hamburger Menu
  • Go the Options and then General
  • Be sure to check Enable Network Lock (Internet kill switch)
  • Assure that Manage connection on a per-app basis (split-tunneling) is not checked
  • Click on Advanced tab
  • Make sure that Prevent IPv6 address detection while connected and only use ExpressVPN DNS servers while connected should be checked.

5. Flush the DNS

  • Press Windows R keys together
  • Select Run and type Click Command Prompt icon
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt and hit Enter
  • You should receive the following confirmation: ‘Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache’.

6. Update the ExpressVPN

  • Sign into ExpressVPN account
  • Click Setup ExpressVPN
  • Select Windows on left side screen
  • Download the ExpressVPN app for Windows

7. Change your IP Address

You can change your IP address to overcome ExpressVPN not working with Netflix issue. After selecting another city next to the location you previously chosen, you can attain your objective eventually.

8. Check Internet Connection

There is no harm in checking your internet connection. You should disconnect your internet connection in order to see if you are able to access a website normally. If this is not the case, you must check your internet connection.

9. Change Protocol

ExpressVPN connects to your devices through VPN protocols. The service uses UDP protocol by default. You can change the above-said protocol as different countries have blocked this protocol. By selecting protocols like L2TP and PPTP, you can achieve better connection speeds and unblock Netflix.

10. Disable security software

At times, your security software may create hurdles in establishing a VPN connection. Therefore, you may disable your antivirus or firewall to start using ExpressVPN as per your needs.


Can ExpressVPN decrease my Netflix Streaming Speed?

VPN may decrease your Netflix streaming speeds but it is not the case with ExpressVPN. It allows you to overcome ISPs throttling issues. You should select the nearest US server location if you anticipate a drop in your streaming speeds. You can check our guides on VPN speed test for more details.


What is ExpressVPN Media Streamer App?

ExpressVPN also delivers a smart DNS service by the name of MediaStreamer. Through the said DNS service, you can overcome region-blocking hassles in no time.

But, in terms of online privacy, you will not get the maximum level of anonymity that you usually get with a VPN. It does not encrypt your internet traffic nor makes you anonymous online.

It works just like a proxy that helps you in unblocking geo-limited content in various geographical locations.

If you want to watch US Netflix TV shows and movies on platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox One and smart TVs without using ExpressVPN native app, the role of MediaStreamer comes in handy.


Facing issues while accessing Netflix other regions content through ExpressVPN?

There is a strong likelihood that you may face problems while trying to access Netflix other regions’ content from the US.

The feedback of one Reddit user suggests that you may witness, You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” error on your screen at the time of playing the movie.

There is no harm in contacting their customer support as they may solve your connectivity issues timely. Likewise, you can connect to another server if one of the servers does not work.

Here is another response of one user indicating about using ExpressVPN for unblocking Netflix.

Another user has validated the ExpressVPN working with Netflix US notion.


How ExpressVPN Measures Up with Other Providers


Final Thoughts

I hope my blog would allow you to unblock and access Netflix with ExpressVPN from anywhere. Thus, you can unblock geo-restrictions.

By doing so, you can access the American Netflix library and enjoy the safest streaming experience without any difficulty.

In the last but not the least, I can safely say that ExpressVPN and Netflix both can go hand in hand.

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