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Singapore is among the top 10 nations in Asia with the highest Internet penetration rate at 83.6%. Considering an Internet penetration rate as high as this, it would simply be cruel if Singaporeans were deprived of Netflix.

Well, don’t be scared guys, because Netflix works in Singapore with its characteristic fast performance and a decent library of excellent shows.

But there is a catch (is there ever a case where there isn’t one?).

The Netflix you are eligible to watch in Singapore isn’t exactly the same as it is for Americans. There is a big difference between the number of titles available in the two regions with Singapore getting the short end of the stick.

Nonetheless, it is possible to get US Netflix in Singapore. In this article, I will explain how so you can get right down to bingeing on any show/movie ever released on Netflix.


Why US Netflix Doesn’t Work in Singapore?

Movie producers, TV networks, and content distributors have to follow licensing agreements which determine the region where a given movie or show title will be available for consumers.

This has compelled Netflix to develop a different version of their service for each country it is available in. There are unfortunately many shows and movies that Netflix can only distribute within the US and/or a small fraction of other countries.

As a result, if you are in Singapore, there’s a good chance that you are missing out on a lot of great shows because licensing agreements don’t allow those shows to be available in Netflix Singapore.


Kitty is not impressed

Netflix will automatically redirect you to a regional version of the website with its own unique content library because it can instantly identify your country of origin through your IP address.

But what if you could fool Netflix’s servers by somehow changing your IP address? That would certainly solve the whole issue and let you access Netflix US library in Singapore.

So, how does one change their IP address effectively?

There are a couple of possible ways to do that. The one method that most people are familiar with is proxy services, but these are almost entirely useless especially since Netflix started banning proxies (more on this latter).

The much more reliable way is to use a VPN service which uses secure tunneling protocols and strong encryption standards to route your traffic through a remote server and thus changing your IP address.


Best VPN Service for Streaming Netflix US in Singapore

There are a lot of VPN services out there and multiple candidates for being touted as the most effective VPN providers for Netflix.

However, if you had to choose one keeping budget in mind, then there’s no better option than Surfshark.


Available for $1.99/mo for its 2-year plan, Surfshark lets you connect to one of its US servers while in Singapore. This is all you need to do to watch US exclusive Netflix content that you were itching to see for so long.

Surfshark also delivers fast speeds which is especially necessary if you want to stream videos on high quality.

As such, it provides a strong balance between affordability and performance which is just what an average Netflix user needs in Singapore.


Surfshark Setup Instructions

Step 1: Visit official Surfshark website and sign up for a subscription plan

Step 2: Download the Surfshark VPN app on your device

Step 3: Launch the app once the download and installation has completed

Step 4: Connect to a US server

Step 5: Open Netflix app/website to enable access to US Netflix


Netflix US vs Netflix Singapore

I previously indicated that Netflix uses in Singapore don’t get all the movies and shows that Americans are given the rights to.

But how big is this difference and is it even worth bothering about?

It turns out…. Yes. It is worth bothering about.

In Netflix US, the total number of titles is estimated to be around 5,632. On the other hand, Singapore Netflix only has 3,041 shows and movies.

No. of titles



Source: Finder (updated June 2018)

With such a big difference, it would be unfortunate if you couldn’t access American Netflix and miss so much of the content simply because you happen to be located in Singapore.

A VPN service with servers in the US will bring all the content that you cannot otherwise get because of geo-restrictions.


Watching American Netflix in Singapore for Free

Netflix offers a free trial for 30 days. When you first sign up to the service, you won’t be charged until the 30-day trial period ends. That’s a pretty good way to enjoy all the shows and movies for a whole month free of cost.

Even more so if you are using a VPN to access American Netflix. In that case, you’ll have access to the complete library of shows at zero cost for a whole month!

That’s too good a deal to pass on!


Bypassing the Netflix VPN Ban

Netflix came under a lot of pressure from TV networks and movie studios when the use of VPN services for bypassing geographical restrictions became too common.

Following this realization, Netflix equipped its website with proxy detection feature that automatically denied access to users trying enter the website by spoofing their location using a VPN or other proxy service.


This series of developments actually started by Netflix in January 2016. Although a lot of proxy services, VPNs, as well as Smart DNS products suffered a blow as a consequence of this ban, some providers were better equipped to deal with this problem than others.

As such, there are a number of VPN services that still possess the ability to penetrate through this ban, but this ability is no longer as widespread throughout the VPN industry as it used to be.

To make sure you are subscribing to a VPN that isn’t under the blacklist of Netflix, check out this list of tested Netflix VPNs.


Smart DNS for Netflix Streaming

It is hard to contest the effectiveness of VPNs for accessing different regional versions of Netflix using different server locations.

However, some Smart DNS services can be quite valuable as well for this purpose. Although Smart DNS services, in general, are not as sophisticated to evade Netflix’s proxy detection mechanism, they tend to be faster than VPNs owing to fundamental differences in underlying technology.

One pretty Smart DNS solution that seems to work for a lot of users is Unlocator. If you are unhappy with VPN services owing to slower speeds or for any other reason, I’d definitely urge you to try this out.


Finishing Up

Singaporean Netflix isn’t bad by any means. It has enough to content to keep you entertained. But it only takes one movie or show that you really want to see but cannot do so only because you don’t have the correct passport to make you want to bypass geo-restrictions on American Netflix from Singapore.