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Quick Facts:

  • 61% of the Users binge-watch one of the many TV shows on Netflix every week.
  • Netflix has officially spread across 41 countries, including the recently added Australia and New Zealand. It has plans for further expansion.
  • Russia has the most number of people, more than 60 million, in all of Europe, using the internet facility.
  • Netflix has plans to offer it services in Russia, but as of now, it is highly unlikely that the plan will be executed.
  • The latest stats of 2015 suggest that there are 18 million international users of Netflix.


How to Watch Netflix in Russia

Streaming Netflix in Russia is really a walk-in-the park for those who have heard of web browser extensions, proxy servers, DNS services and VPN services. If you want to watch Netflix in Russia, you will need any of the aforementioned services, otherwise, accessing US Netflix in Russia would be a foolish idea to begin with.

Now comes the tricky part. Since you have so many options to choose from, you will have to quickly make a decision about what you value the most; your online privacy or online accessibility? A proxy service, web browser extension and SmartDNS will only unblock the geo-restricted websites and services, whereas a VPN will unblock ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and will also ensure you great online safety.

We have selected some of the best Russia VPN service providers that can provide you multiple servers to make Netflix streaming easy for you in Russia. You cannot only stream US Netflix in Russia but you can also get access to UK Netflix, Nordic Netflix and Australian with the best Netflix VPN. Check out the recommended VPN services.

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Travelling to Russia? No Worries!

If you are travelling to Moscow for tourism and worried about missing your favorite TV shows like House of Cards, Daredevil, Orange is the New Black and Marco Polo on Netflix, you can still work a way around to get access to all these and much more. Since Russia is one of the largest countries of the world, it is a home away from the home to many UK and US expats.

Netflix is Not Accessible in Russia – But Why?

Before we get to the core issue of unavailability of Netflix streaming in Russia, we must first understand how Netflix works. Why is it inaccessible to those who live outside the US? Why does it not make its services available to those who are not located in the US?

Well, to start with, Netflix is a privately owned company that started off its operations first in the US. But as the services got popular, it further expanded in different regions. Now it is available in more than 40 countries and yet it is unavailable in Russia.

When you visit the Netflix’s website from Russia, it scans your IP address and blacklists it because identifies your internet connection made from a region where it is not made available and thus prevents you from accessing the content. Pressure from the producers and legal firms that protect the copyrights of the digital media keeps Netflix away from Russia primarily.

Will Russians get their own Netflix?

Probably yes. But when will they get it? That remains a mystery. While most of the international companies are planning to move out their businesses from Russia due to decline in economy and increase in Ukrainian tension, Netflix is willing to take the risk of launching its services in Russia soon.

The news is surprising because the online piracy has been on the rise in Russia. If Netflix manages to enter the Russian region, it will not only be an achievement, but it might also prove out to be the source to cut down the tension between the US and Russia.

One thing is for sure though; Netflix will face some tough competition in Russia from Amedia that offers different American TV shows and movies because of its deals with ABC, CBS, HBO and Fox etc. According to Joris Evers, the head of communications of Netflix in Europe, it remains unclear when Netflix will be available in Russia but one thing is confirmed, it will be there, at some stage.


Netflix streaming in Russia is impossible unless you are using a VPN service to go past the geo-blocks. The streaming service is unavailable in Russia as of now, but as we write this article, there are plans to launch the service as soon as possible. However, the launch may not go as smoothly as it seems at the moment due to tensions between the US and Russia.

Unless Netflix launches completely in the Russian region, you can only watch it via using an American IP address. In addition to watching Netflix in Russia, you also get additional online security by using a VPN service that provides military grade encryption to make sure you are safe from the threats of malware, hackers and spammers.