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In this blog, I’m going to show you how to get US Netflix in Canada. There are various methods however I would tell you to do it using VPN services specifically for Netflix. These services specialize in unblocking US-only content on the giant streaming platform.



The Scenario

In 1781, Canada was given the opportunity to become part of the US. Canada denied the invitation, and the country has much to be proud of for the way things have turned out since then.

Hardcore Netflix fans, however, might beg to differ because we’re a selfish bunch and would do anything to access the complete range of shows/movies that Netflix has to offer.

Although Canada enjoys one of the largest libraries of Netflix content, our polite friends down south are sometimes left in the lurch while residents in the US simply login to Netflix and directly access shows not available elsewhere.

Luckily for Canadians, border-hopping over to the US on the virtual world of the internet is something that can be done with a few mouse clicks (the US didn’t see this coming when the Articles of Confederation States were drafted two centuries ago).


Using a VPN to Unblock US Netflix in Canada

VPN services have many uses: they are the saviors of people seeking to enhance their online privacy, and the tools with which users can bypass digital borders.

The ability to bypass regional restrictions should be of primary interest to individuals that aren’t keen on staying deprived of the shows and movies available in American Netflix.

However, there are two problems that prevent a great chunk of VPN providers out there from being able to grant users access to US Netflix.

The first is the inability to move past Netflix’s proxy sensors undetected, and the second is VPN speed which is essential for streaming.

If you aren’t already aware, Netflix has been aggressively blocking VPN services with its proxy detection feature which can sense if you are using a VPN to visit the site. In that event, you’ll get this error:


These two conditions weed out a lot of VPN services from this discussion, as many of them are either easily detected by Netflix or are so slow that you’ll want to shoot your brains out.

Let’s now see which VPN is reliable enough to deliver on these two points where many have failed.


Best VPNs for Accessing Netflix US Library:

So, which VPN out there deliver fast speeds and uses advanced obfuscation technology to stay hidden to the eyes of Netflix?

I’ll present two options here, so you can pick one according to your budget.


1. The Expensive Solution – ExpressVPN

How to Watch American Netflix in Canada

If I had to choose one, I would go with ExpressVPN.

Many VPN providers have promised to unblock Netflix and provide quality streams, and many have fallen.

Visit Provider 


But ExpressVPN stands strong, providing access to American Netflix for people living in Canada and watch US exclusive content from the comfort of their homes.

This is to be expected considering the strong server infrastructure of the provider and the obfuscation it uses to keep their servers safe from Netflix’s proxy detection.


Streaming Parks and Recreation (not available in Canada) on Netflix with ExpressVPN

However, ExpressVPN is a little on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of pricing, which might put off some individuals from using.


2. The Cheaper Solution – Surfshark


Fortunately, there is one extremely capable VPN that comes cheap and works just as well with US Netflix for users in Canada.

Visit Provider 


Although not as widely known as Express – which is to be expected from a new VPN – Surfshark’s US servers will give you access to all content available on Netflix US in Canada.

The network of 800+ servers seems unremarkable, but its performance is surprisingly impressive.


Streaming Hawaii Five-O (not available in Canada) on Netflix with Surfshark

So, which one should you get?

To be honest, you can go with either one and fulfil your purpose of unlocking Netflix library confined to the US.

Both providers also offer 30-day money-back guarantees, so if the solution you choose doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always demand a refund.


Step by Step Instructions to Stream US Content from Canada

Once you have purchased a VPN with proven ability to work with Netflix, follow the steps below to unlock the US region from Canada:

Step 1: Clear your browser/Netflix app cache

Step 2: Download and install the VPN in your device/computer

Step 3: Launch the VPN and enter your login details

Step 4: Connect to a US server

Step 5: Visit Netflix, search for the show you want to watch and enjoy!


Why American Netflix Content is Border-restricted?

Netflix comes in as many colors as the countries it is available in. When you access Netflix via web browser or its apps available for various devices, it immediately recognizes which country you are currently located in by your IP address.

With knowledge of your location, Netflix then directs you to a version of the site exclusively available to the region you are in.

This means that even if you were in the US when you subscribed to Netflix, you’ll lose access to the US-only version of Netflix when you try to access while on your trip to Canada.

Netflix doesn’t do this to frustrate users. The company has to honor licensing agreements with movie studios and content distributors.

These agreements determine exactly which locations each Netflix title will be available in.

The long and short of it is that Canadians will have to make do with what they get in their country, which in this case is a slightly shorter list of content on Netflix.


American Netflix vs Canadian Netflix – Content Availability

The number of titles that Americans have access to on Netflix is not that different from those available to Canadians.

According to Huffington Post there are 5,707 titles available on Netflix for users in America. This number drops a little bit for Canada where the 5,500 titles are available.

Netflix Canada vs US


Although the difference isn’t that great numerically, Canadians are missing out on some great and popular shows which are currently US exclusives such as Californication, Frasier, Cheers, Parks and Recreation etc.

At the same time, however, Canadian Netflix has some content that Americans lack and can be envious of such as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

The beauty of VPN services is that they promote inclusiveness. They make your national identity and location irrelevant, giving you the freedom to access everything (and I mean everything!)


Netflix Pricing: Canada vs America

It’s not only the title availability that varies in each country Netflix is present in. There’s a definite price difference that exists on Netflix subscriptions in different countries.

Here’s how the situation looks for Canada and the US:

Max. QualitySDHD4 HD, 1 UHD
Price in Canada8.99$/mo10.99$/mo$13.99$/mo
Price in the US$7.99/mo10.99$/mo$13.99$/mo


Newly Added Movies to US Library (2019 Update)

1. Sex and the City: The Movie (1998)

Sex and the city got massive popularity back when it started to air as a series. A bunch of women living in a luxury apartment, doing what they want with no one to stop them and having emotional breakdowns as well.

They pursue careers, all of which are different except for one. She has a stable married life with a Jewish guy and has babies. Meanwhile, the others enjoy dating different men and partying on the weekends sometimes getting drunk too much, living the free life.


2. The Holiday Calendar Netflix Original Movie

The story revolves around Abby Sutton (Graham), who dreams to become a photographer, sadly Abby is stuck in a lowly job.

Abby acquires a magical advent calendar which makes her see her future leading her to her lover, however, that relationship crashes, but she realizes that all this time the calendar was leading her to her true love who is also her best friend.


3. Good Will Hunting (1997)

This is what you call dope sh*t good mind f*ck! Matt Damon plays the role of a janitor at one of the most esteemed university in the country.

An equation catches his eye while cleaning the classroom, something at that moment happens, call it magic, call it a miracle call it whatever, it just comes to him, he his hands start working their own, he’s solving the equation like its coming from the back of his mind. It’s like how music came to Beethoven.

The next day when everyone sees that the equation has been solved, Matt Damon, the lead stays quiet for some time until it is finally discovered that it was him behind all this.


Guides for Other Regions

You can easily watch American Netflix in different regions, below is the mentioned list.


American Netflix in Canada Reddit Review

Here’s some feedback from Reddit users with real experience using VPNs to unblock US Netflix in Canada.

Some more comments from a redditor:


How to Get American Netflix in Canada: Final Verdict

VPN services make geographical borders irrelevant. If there are shows in Netflix that you can’t feast your eyes on because you are a Canadian, simply get ExpressVPN or Surfshark, connect to a US server, and get access to the complete catalogue of shows/movies which you always wanted.

Internet freedom is just about finding the right tools! If the solutions that I have presented in this blog worked for you, leave a comment below. If not, still leave a comment and share your experiences.