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As a travel journalist, my work requires me to go to places all around the world. Sometimes highly developed metropolitan cities and sometimes small-towns that no one has ever heard off.  While traveling is great, not being able to change Netflix region isn’t!

Why is that?

Netflix libraries all over the world are different. Shows available in the US may not be available in Malaysia. I have even been to a place where Netflix only has 286 titles in total. Sounds crazy right?

However, I did find a work around to this problem. All I needed was a VPN app for Netflix. With its ability to change anyone’s virtual location, a VPN can help in accessing any Netflix region. That said, it’s not that straightforward.

Oops! Proxy error – Netflix Blocks VPN & Proxy Services

Keep in mind that Netflix knows its subscribers are using a VPN to access different libraries and is actively shutting them down. When it discovers that a particular IP address belongs to a VPN service, it will block traffic from that address. In this case, you’ll see a proxy error.


Fortunately, many providers are committed to providing alternative servers that offer dependable access to various Netflix libraries. Even then, not all of these providers have equal specialties service. For video streaming, you will need to be sure your VPN is fast and reliable.

With the above in mind, I’ve put together a list of best VPNs for watching any country’s version of Netflix based on the following criteria:

  • Bypasses proxy error
  • Large choices of server locations
  • Fast and dependable service
  • Strong encryption
  • Zero logs of user activity or IP addresses
  • Great customer support

Also, you can get rid of after reading this blog.


5 Best VPNs to Change Netflix Region

A virtual private network grants you the ability to encrypt your internet traffic and change your IP location. This means no one can make use of the information coming or going through your computer.

When you connect to the server of a particular location, systems are fooled into thinking you are somewhere else physically. This is what enables you to change Netflix regions.

Here are some tried and test VPNs that will successfully change your location and allow you to access Netflix from anywhere.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Fastest VPN Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best Affordable VPN
$2.91 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$3.49 Per Month
70% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
1 Year Deal

Setting up

  1. Once you install and log into your VPN service
  2. Connect to a server in your desired country
  3. Now go to the Netflix website. You will be automatically redirected to the site for the country your selected server is in.
  4. Log in and enjoy!


1. Surfshark VPN – New Service with a lot of Potential


Surfshark is a new VPN provider in the business. Its applications are in the beta testing stage right now. However, this new participant got us to US Netflix with no problem.

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2. ExpressVPN – Quick & Reliable


ExpressVPN unblocks American Netflix in the internet browser like a breeze. It standouts amongst the most favored choices among numerous internet users because of its quick speed and a stable connection. With ExpressVPN Netflix service, you can see your favorite content from outside your nation with a decent video quality.

To check that I was connected to the US library, I looked into the show, “the office”, as it is just accessible in the American Netflix library. The playback was smooth and speedy. Amid testing, I didn’t experience any drop in video quality, or disconnection. ExpressVPN worked pretty well!

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3. PureVPN – Affordable & Easy to Use


PureVPN is another VPN that successfully gets you to access American Netflix. It offers numerous applications and programming for various working frameworks including browser extensions. The service has various servers spread over the globe, enabling any streamer to unblock his or her most loved site.

The recently refreshed application (v6.2.3) now offers built in ‘Channels’ feature that enables anybody to get to American Netflix.


The new version also has an amazing dashboard where the most popular streaming channels are already present.

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4. NordVPN – Stable Connections with Fast Speeds


NordVPN has Netflix-enhanced servers, which don’t require any extraordinary setting to run Netflix. Simply buy NordVPN, connect to the server, and stream Netflix. You can contact their client support to discover the whole rundown of servers that work with Netflix.

The servers connected quickly and there was no hold-up. Another point that I found while getting to American Netflix was that the VPN service stays solid all through testing. However, small hiccups in streaming were noticed.

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5. CyberGhost –Dedicate Mode for Netflix works splendidly


CyberGhost has totally rebuilt its service with new server areas and application plans.

Presently it offers a committed Netflix streaming feature in its applications. You won’t require customer support after you’ve made sense of it’s stunning Netflix streaming property.

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Watch with DNS Servers

While most DNS services are now offering VPN in turn, using it on its own isn’t a bad idea either. It does not change your IP address. It only masks your location by re-routing your connection partly. This ‘fools’ Netflix and other geo blocked channels into thinking you are located in a region where that particular library is available.

How to change Netflix region on PlayStation 4?

There are two ways to change Netflix region on PS4:

The VPN method

You can connect to any countries server. A VPN is not needed for PSN region change or US/UK apps download. You do need VPN, however, to watch US channels on your PlayStation.

  • You need to install VPN on your router instead
  • Neither the PS3 nor the PS4 have VPN clients
  • Connecting to an American VPN server unblocks all American apps on PS3/PS4. Watch Netflix, Hulu, Funimation on PS3.PS4 outside US.

Smart DNS proxy

  • Just go over to “Network Settings” and continue the setup as you’d normally do.
  • To setup Smart DNS on your PlayStation, you need to sign up with a Smart DNS service like
  • When asked about primary and secondary DNS, use the DNS server addresses you got after creating your Unlocator account.


Can free VPNs unlock Netflix?

Giving access to Netflix requires a great deal of exertion with respect to the provider and free VPN essentially aren’t sufficiently profitable enough to keep it going on. A free VPN may give you a chance to explore another nation’s Netflix library, but when it comes to watch the show, you’ll probably encounter a proxy error.

In addition, some services usually only a handful of servers are available, which implies you’re less likely to have the ability to get to the Netflix library you’re searching for.

Practicality isn’t the only issue with free services. I’ve put a heavy emphasis on privacy and security because it’s important for users to know what’s happening with their data.

The providers of free VPN services need to make money somehow and often do so through questionable methods. Some interrupt your experience with annoying ads, log your activity and sell data to third parties, or even carry malware.


Are there different country versions of Netflix?

Even though Netflix is available in most countries, as you may know the catalog of shows and movies varies greatly depending on your region. Aside from having different titles available, some regions have a very small selection. This is due to the different licensing agreements in each region.



How to find which content is available where?

You can easily find out the titles, their availability, year or genre and so on. UNGOS is a tool that shows ratings from IMDB to genre, type, subtitles, and more.


Just look at this beauty! Every movie lovers dream. What else do you find on the page?


Wow! This site really is a Netflix lover’s dream! It even gives synopsis and the availability in countries right on the bottom of each title.

Does Netflix allow VPNs to access content?

As discussed above, Netflix has cracked down on subscribers to watch content via a VPN. If an IP address is known to come from a VPN server, traffic from that IP address will be blocked and you’ll see a proxy error.

This means that with some VPN providers, you’ll be locked out even if you connect through a server in the country you’re in, simply for the fact you’re using a VPN.

This action appears to be unreasonable from a business viewpoint as it doesn’t help Netflix and is disappointing to watchers. In any case, it is reasonable when you consider the content license limitations that Netflix needs to submit to.

These confinements imply that the organization isn’t permitted to demonstrate its whole library in each area. Without these requirements, Netflix could practically be available everywhere.

Still facing a Netflix proxy error? Try these tips:

Using our recommended VPNs you should be able to access to a variety of Netflix libraries. However, if you still face any errors check the list below

  1. Contact customer support team to see which server to use
  2. Try to disconnect and reconnect to the same server
  3. Try connecting to a different server in the same region
  4. Log out of any accounts that cache your IP address, such as any Google account
  5. Disable any location services from your browser
  6. Try clearing your cache, cookies, and temporary files
  7. If you’re using Windows 10, you can try disabling IPv6 in your Wi-Fi properties and flushing your DNS cache using the command prompt ipconfig /flushdns.
  8. If you’re using a Wi-Fi network and have access to the router, you can rename the network to opt out of Google’s geolocation services. Append “_nomap” (without quotation marks) to the end of the network name and reconnect your device to the network.

How to change region with a chrome extension?

There are many Chrome extensions available on the App store that let you change your region, all the mentioned VPN services by us have their chrome extension available on the google store.


There is a long list of extensions available on the Google store. However, we recommend using the extension of VPN service recommended by us.

How to Access US Netflix in other Regions

There are various other countries from where you can access the US Netflix. Here are detailed guides on how you can expand your Netflix library in different countries:


Yes, different content is available in different countries as mentioned above.

To change the language of the Netflix experience on your profile:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Manage Profiles.
  3. Select your preferred profile.
  4. Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu. …
  5. Return to the device experiencing the issue and sign out and sign back in to save this setting.

Netflix region can be changed with a Smart DNS proxy as well. Details are mentioned above.

For iPhone

  1. Open the VPN Proxy app.
  2. Tap Allow.
  3. Open VPN Proxy again.
  4. Tap Fastest Server
  5. Select a country.
  6. Open Netflix.

For Android

  1. Open the VPN app
  2. Select Netflix from the app list.
  3. Tap Access from.
  4. Select a country.
  5. Tap OPEN.


Now that you know how to change Netflix region, enjoy your favorite content no matter wherever you are in the world.

It is indeed unfortunate that even in this digital age we have cyber borders and restrictions. Until then, you know how to get through!