Netflix Brings You Spoilers of Popular TV Shows & Movies

Believe it or not but Netflix has taken a bold step by launching a new website which is one of its own kind. The website mainly comprises of Spoilers of popular TV shows and movies. Weird, we know. But upon accessing the website, the users are given three options to choose from.

netflix spoiler

Kind of Spoiler

Netflix encourages the users to take a quiz so that they can get to know which kind of spoiler are they. Interesting, many of us think a spoiler is a spoiler. Anyway, let’s have a look at the kinds of spoilers.

  • Clueless Spoiler – One who spoils the TV shows and movies unintentionally and does not know what he does.
  • Shameless Spoiler – One who spoils the TV shows and movies on purpose and takes pride in doing so.
  • Coded Spoiler – One who is careful with his words, this kind of spoiler indirectly gives hints about the climaxes and plots.

Upon completing the quiz, the users are given an option to share an apology on Twitter and Facebook for spoiling TV shows and movies.

To take on this challenge, you can visit their WEBSITE HERE to watch the spoilers of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Spoilers in Public Domain

Netflix says on its websites, “At a certain point even Spoilers become free for anyone and everyone to share”. In this section the users rate the coded keywords or plots as “Too Soon” or “Too Old” and are given an option to watch the full movie if one has access to Netflix in his region.

Spoil Yourself

This option spoils the popular TV shows or movies with a very short clip for you. The users who wish to watch the spoilers are given a warning once they click on the option Spoil Yourself. #GoodGuyNetflix

netflix spoiler

The reasons for uploading spoilers may hint towards the fact that the viewers do not get enough time and space to share their views about TV shows and movies. Netflix uploads all the episodes of seasons and movies at once, hence the viewers are not able to communicate with each other about their favorite TV shows and movies. This website gives them a platform where they can interact with each other and discuss the plots and climaxes rather openly.


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