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Netflix is the most viewed streaming Channel in the world. This situation is ever more intense in the UK. According to the latest statistics and survey, over 3 million UK households subscribe to Netflix.

These are some amazing estimates which show that 1 in 10 British households joined Netflix to stream movies and TV shows, a clear indicator of continuous growth within 1 year.

These new estimates take Netflix way over its competitors (like Amazon and Hulu) and allow it to connect to younger viewers who feel that there is a “cool” element to using Netflix.

netflix uk

Based in Silicon Valley, Netflix doesn’t highlight its progress in the UK. Nonetheless, research done by Enders Analysis (based on a large survey of video-on-demand) has established that Netflix is more popular than widely presumed.

This survey was carried out by Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB). The firm surveyed the audience from the television Industry and considered a  sample of around 13,500 households. BARB identified the UK subscriber base to have expanded to 2.80 million within the first 3 months of the current year.

Toby Syfret, the author of this research, explained: Netflix is always keeps things secret and chooses to disclose very few things related to its streaming performance in specific countries. It is rare to find a press release from Netflix that states anything apart from the usual report that it is recording encouraging growth everywhere.

In August 2012, Netflix announced that its subscriber base crossed the 1 million mark.  We have not heard any such announcement from Netflix since then.

According to Enders Analysis, this progress shows that another 1.5 million households have signed up on Netflix last year. Recent estimates indicate that Netflix’s direct competitor, Amazon, is only half as famous as Netflix.