Netflix Beats HBO with Outstanding Growth in Revenue

We seldom witness an underdog beat the pro in the race. Even after the struggle of a lifetime, it is really hard to beat the pros in their game. Netflix declared that its revenue exceeds HBO when it comes to video streaming service. It was officially announced by Netflix CEO via Facebook that currently Netflix enjoys more subscriber revenues than HBO.

netflix vs hbo

He continued that Netflix beat HBO’s subscriber revenue in the last quarter. Netflix cherished subscriber revenue stream worth $1.146 Billion whereas HBO’s revenue summed up to $1.141 Billion.

After being all cocky about the race to the top in revenues, Hastings admitted that Netflix is still an underdog and has a long way to go. He admitted that Netflix has beat HBO in this quarter but HBO shall surely strike back. He says and I quote “They still kick our ass in profits and Emmy’s, but we are making progress”.

netflix vs hbo


Hastings admitted that HBO is a pro and it was a great privilege to be in the same league with the great one. Some might interpret Hastings’ statements, appeasing. However, we must not forget that premium cable network is one of Netflix’s key competitors, and when it comes to be at the top, Netflix has a long way to go.

Quarterly numbers also reflect that HBO’s profits witnessed an enormous boost as compared to last year, $548 Million. On the other hand, Netflix’s second quarter profits numbers summed up to $71 Million.

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Why HBO is ahead of Netflix in this game? It’s because of the HBO original series. Furthermore, HBO’s movies fill-in the discrepancy, if there’s left any. Nevertheless, Netflix’s revenue stream has started to bloom. Netflix’s quarterly subscriptions and associated revenue proves that the underdog has found its way to head up in the game.

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