N-Korea Tops List of Countries Blocking Social Media

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The Kings of Social Media Restriction

North Korea, Iran, China, Vietnam and Pakistan have been identified as the countries with the highest social media restrictions in the world.

Some countries have blocked out Facebook and Twitter while others have blocked out YouTube. These restrictions have been put into place by the governments of these countries in response to the perceived threats to national stability from social media.

There is no doubt that social media allows the dissemination of information across the masses at lightning speed. Recent rebellions and movements have capitalized on this characteristic by providing society with an outlet for free expression and an inlet to find like-minded individuals.

The net outcome of this arrangement is that governments are unable to find out about revolutionary movements until it is already too late.


The US & the UK: The Dark Side of the Equation

All of this has been going on for quite some time now, but it is important to realize that simply placing restrictions on social media is not the only threat to online freedom.

Countries that are not able to monitor users’ activity on the internet (such as the ones listed above) place restrictions on social media. Those that do not place restrictions on social media are either angels of online freedom, or masters of online spying/surveillance.

The Snowden revelations have made it clear why developed countries like the UK and the US don’t block social media. It is because they have a complete web of surveillance that they have drawn upon the internet. Every email, every tweet and every instagram post is collected and stored at the NSA’s giant data center in Utah.

The NSA Utah Data Center is also affectionately called Bumblehive and is one of the biggest data mining and processing facilities in the world. With computing power like this, the US government doesn’t need to place restrictions on social media.


The Only Solution

The only way to best government surveillance and social media restrictions is to use a VPN. Using a VPN encrypts data and cloaks it under encryption at the point where online surveillance collects your data.

The NSA has made data-collection points inside the US’s leading ISP’s data centers. That way, all the data-collection points have to do is to copy of all the data from the ISP’s servers.

Using a VPN allows you to encrypt your data and make it indecipherable for anybody who might manage to get a hold of it. Encrypting data is one of the basic functions of a VPN, and this function allows internet users to secure privacy and online freedom.

Unblock social media

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