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Movie share Kodi is unlike any Movie add-on as it shows you not just the recent movies but a compilation of top 300 Movies greatest of all time.

It also has a section i.e. ‘Watch Before you Die’ that contains movies you are bound to watch. If you’re British, there is a section that shows All British Movies, and so any interesting sections.

In this guide, I have discussed how to install Movieshare on Kodi Krypton.

Before you start watching movies, there is something that you should know. Your online privacy could be compromised.

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How to Install Movie share on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6

Step 1: Open Kodi on your system > On the top menu, click on Settings


Step 2: Tap File Manager


Step 3: Double click Add Source


Step 4: Select ‘None’ option when the box opens


Step 5: Enter the URL > Press OK


Step 6: Name the repository as ‘Legion’ > Press OK


Step 7: Roll back to Kodi Main Menu by pressing on ‘Backspace’ key

Step 8: On the left panel, select Add-ons tab


Step 9: On the top menu, click on Box icon


Step 10: Select Install from Zip File


Step 11: From the list, find and select Legion


Step 12: Now select > It will take few minutes to install


Step 13: Once installed, go to Install from Repository > Then Mr Freeworld

Step 14: Go to Video Add-ons > Select Movieshare

Step 15: Press Install

Step 16: Return to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons > Then Video Add-ons > Movieshare

Step 17: Select any option for e.g. Recent Movies

Step 18: Select Movie > Start Streaming!


The Wrap Up

If you happen to watch all the best Movies that has so far been released, you should get Movie share Kodi. This add-on has a list of 300 Movies that are greatest of all time and streams it for free. This guide explains how to install Movieshare on Kodi.