Monthly Cybercrime Update; Top Hacking Cases of Feb 2015

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The wave of cyberattacks continues to strike the shores of the cyberworld. After an agonizing 2014, in terms of cyberattacks, the cyberworld had hoped for a better 2015 but as of now, the attacks are as frequent as they were last year. Some of them have been deadly in terms of financial losses while the rest were used as signals to indicate the threats that engulf the cyberworld.

We have tried our best to highlight the top 5 hack attacks in February 2015 that did not only result in financial losses, but also questioned the online security of thousands of internet users. Scroll down below to read further about the details of the hack attacks.

(1) Newsweek Twitter Account Hacked by Cyber-Caliphate

CyberCrime Update

Newsweek, an American magazine, was subjected to a hack attack when its official Twitter account was taken over by Cyber-Caliphate. The account was not only hacked but also issued several warnings to President Obama and his family as well.

Soon after the account was hacked, the hackers tweeted “Je suIS IS” in an attempt to mock a trend that had trended a month ago after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo. Josh Earnest, the spokesman for the White House, handled the situation and said that the FBI was investigating the matter.

Even though, the account was restored within 14 minutes, and the cover picture and display picture of Newsweek were restored, the threats remained at large. Jim Impoco, was quoted as saying, “this is not a case of intrusion”.

(2) Lenovo Website Goes Down – Lizard Squad Claims the Responsibility

Lenovo Website Goes Down

In shocking revelations in the last days of February, Lenovo admitted that its website had been hacked soon after it had apologized to its users for using built-in tracking software “Superfish” in some of its latest products.

Lizard Squad, notorious for their repeated attacks on PS3 and Xbox Gaming Networks, claimed the responsibility on their Twitter account. The websites was said to be down for 90 minutes, Lizard Squad, however, went a step further and revealed all the confidential discussions of Lenovo employees, discussing the Superfish software.

But Reuters suggests that the consumer data was safe and they only got the access of the internal data for a brief period. This is certainly not the first time that Lizard Squad has been associated with a hack attack on a tech giant.

(3) Hackers Use Malware to Steal Millions

Hackers Use Malware to Steal Millions

According to an article published in New York Times, an ATM machine started to dispense money randomly back in 2013 when it caught the eyes of those who were standing near it. What appeared first as a stroke of luck for the people who got the cash, turned into absolute nightmares for the banks when they were told by Kaspersky that a malware has been used to infiltrate their systems.

The malware was used by a criminal group comprising of Russian, Chinese and European hackers. The malware did not only enable them to transfer money from various banks to their own accounts but also enabled them to monitor each and every move that was made inside the banks. According to the sources, this could be the biggest online bank heist.

Kaspersky also claims that more than a hundred banks across 30 nations have been affected by the hack attacks. Kaspersky did not name a single bank and told that the FBI and Interpol were already looking into the matter.

(4) Gaming Network – Big Fish Hacked; Credit Cards Stolen

Big Fish, a renowned gaming company, was victimized in a hack attack. The gaming company’s website was down and the hackers got the access of users’ credit card and other confidential information. The malware was said to be installed on the payment page, where it was providing all the information to the hackers.

The company had identified the breach during the second week of January, while it took it four weeks to notify the users that they had been hacked. The company issued a statement, notifying all the customers that their confidential information might have been subjected to a hack attack. Not surprisingly, Big Fish is making up for the losses of the customers by providing a free membership for one year for online ID protection.

(5) Gemalto Hacked – Beware Your Sim Data Might Be Used to Track You Down

NSA in partnership with GCHQ is accused of hacking Gemalto, world’s leading sim manufacturing company, to get to know more and more about the communication taking place over the phones. As per the rumors, the Gemalto sim cards used all over the world are all traceable to NSA and are all speculated to provide the copy of our communication to all such security experts.

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